June 6, 2011: New York Times

The New York Times, June 6, 2011. “A Family of Painters Is Having Its Moment,” by Anne Farmer.

Article link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/07/nyregion/the-wiggins-family-of-painters-is-having-a-moment.html

Guy C. Wiggins, “Madison Avenue – Winter,”
oil on canvas board, 12 by 9 inches,
signed Guy Wiggins, N.A.

“Wiggins, Wiggins & Wiggins: Three Generations of American Art,” is a multigenerational exhibition bringing together the works of one of America’s great art families. The works of (J.) Carleton Wiggins (1848–1932), Guy C. Wiggins (1883–1962) and Guy A. Wiggins (b 1920), will be on view June 12–July 1, 2011.

Exhibition curator Joan Whalen produced the original “Wiggins, Wiggins & Wiggins” show in October 1998, and has worked closely with the Wiggins family and the Salmagundi Club to bring this rare gathering of artworks together for this exhibition.

“Each of the Wigginses is an exemplar of his generation. Carleton’s bucolic and atmospheric landscapes reflect the influence of the French Barbizon painters on the Hudson River School. Guy C.’s urban images illustrate the spirit of American Impressionism and its movement into art reflective of city life in the Twentieth Century. Guy A.’s still lifes and urban scenes are expressions of the New Realism and provide current evidence of this talented family’s many achievements,” said Claudia Seymour, president of the Salmagundi Club.

“I’m delighted to share my family’s love of art and of New York City in this exhibition,” says Guy A. Wiggins. “The Salmagundi Club has been home to my family for generations, and it is only fitting that our works be shown here together.”

With a shared legacy of playing a role in the history of American art, the Wiggins artists have been members of the Salmagundi Club from the time it was founded. Carleton Wiggins, the first generation to take up the profession of artist, served as club president from 1911 to 1913.