Those we lost in 2011

September 17th: Elizabeth T. Ryan, (RA-1977, Emeritus) 

July 8th: Yves Parent, (NRA-2003) See: The Christina Gallery

June 15th: Domenic B. DiStefano, (NRA-1975, Emeritus) See:

June 6th: Marion Andrews, (RA-1973, Emeritus) See: Norton Patch

May 28th: Patricia M. Sprouls, (NRA-2004) See: Knox News

May 6th: William Herbert Smith, (NRA-1983) See: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

March 13th: Mortimer Slotnick, (RA-1999) See: NY Times

February 2nd: Clark Hulings, (H-2007) See: NY Times, Santa Fe New Mexican, Wikipedia

Class of 2011


Dana Goodfellow (RA), James S. Keul (RA, Jr.)


Emilie Lee (RA, Sch), Charlotte Evans (RL), Stephen C. Quinn (RA), Lisa Argentieri (RA), Cheryl Kline (NRA), Jan Blencowe (NRA), Bivenne Harvey Staiger (NRA), Claudia Post (NRA), Joseph Sweeney (NRA), Tammy Callens (NRA), Tony D’Amico (NRA), Gwenneth Barth White (NRA), Christina Grace Mastrangelo (NRA, Sch), Patricia Tribastone, PSA (NRA), Ron DeFelice (NRA), Mark Boedges (NRA), Jean K. Schwartz (NRA), Gary L. Bateman (NRA), Jacquelin Etling (NRA), Robert Couch (NRA), Arlene Steinberg (NRA)


Edward J. Burns (RL), Ian Factor (NRA)


Thomas Cardone (RA), Michael Lyons (RA, Sch), Jeremy Horseman (NRA, Sch), Jennifer Gennari (NRA, Sch), James W. Bruce, Jr. (NRA), Stephanie Neely (NRA), Nadia Klionsky (NRA), Gayle Asher (NRA), David Lichtenstein (NRL)


Mohammed A. Yousuf (RL), Jack Rennert (RL), Diana Willis (RA)


Michael Servodidio (RL), Tonya T. Melendez (RL), Elizabeth Harris Pesce (RL), Marie Sheehy-Walker (RA), Haskel “Zeke” Mermell (RA, Sch), Judith Pond Kudlow (RL), Mervyn Vowles (NRA, Sch), Michael Christie (NRA), John Scott (NRA), Theodore C. Jessup (NRA), Kathi Coyle (NRA), Olaf Schneider (NRA), Steven Parton (NRA), Aida Garrity (NRA), Sergio Roffo (NRA), Karen Cashman (NRA)


Nicholas Dawes (RL), Mauricio Lorence (RL), Jennie Willink (RL), Roseanne Cerbo (NRA), Gene H. Gibson (NRL), Rowena A. Wood (NRL)


Nicole M. Mone (RL), Eileen C. Clancy (RL), Bret Edward Delaire (RA), Edward Busse (RL), Jeffrey Shagawat (RA), Janet Broussard (NRA), James Robinson (NRA), Hagop Keledjian (NRA), Gary M. Thomas (NRA), Charlie Hunter (NRA), Douglas Reichwein (NRA), James Daga Albinson (NRA)


Matthew Grabelsky (RA, Jr), Agate Rodziewicz (RA, Jr), Travis Siewers (RA, Jr), Amana Vandeveer (NRL)

Memorium: Marion Andrews, (RA-1973, Emeritus), June 6th, 2011

Raised in Norton, Massachusetts, Marion graduated the Worcester Art Museum School, continuing her education at the Massachusetts College of Art, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education. Marion also attended the Yale University Summer School of Landscape Painting and her interest in calligraphy led her to the University of California at Santa Cruz and Imperial College in London where she studied calligraphy and illumination. She also studied watercolor with Edgar A. Whitney, Edmond Fitzgerald and Rex Brandt.

Marion was among the first group accepted when the Salmagundi Club opened its membership to women in 1973, serving on the Board as well as numerous committees. She also had memberships in the Pen and Brush, National Arts Club, Jackson Heights Art Club, National Association of Women Artists, American Artists Professional League and Audubon Artists. Marion exhibited in all of the major juried group shows in the New York area garnering in excess of 100 awards for her watercolors. Her keen eye and sensitivity to design also served her well as a juror of countless shows including the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.

An artist and pilot, she was commissioned by the U.S. Air Force to paint the Blue Angels Exhibition Team at Pensacola, Florida and by the U.S. Navy to memorialize the 1976 Bicentennial’s Operation Sail in New York Harbor. A member of the “Ninety Nines”, Marion designed the gold pin awarded to those who flew the transcontinental “Power-Puff Derby”, a race she competed in 3 times.