January Listings due by December 25th!

Listings Banner

Most likely January’s listings won’t be published until December 26th or 27th but it’s time to start sending them in. We’ll have lots of time on our hands come January to visit the galleries.

If you’re participating in a solo or group exhibition, online show, outdoor fair or other event taking place beyond the four walls of the club that you’d like to publicize, please send us the details sooner rather than later. Around Town covers venues within the five boroughs, On the Trail, outside New York City. On the Web covers shows that may also enjoy a bricks and mortar exhibition.

Late Listings: We can always add an item to the current month’s listings.

Bulletin Board: announcements of opportunities open to SCNY members such as group exhibitions, workshops, tours, trips, etc. are welcome at all times and are published individually upon receipt (no deadlines). Our members live, travel and exhibit throughout the world but need time to plan (and create). Notice well in advance always yields better results than last minute.

Requirements: see About / Submissions.

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