Those we lost in 2012

November 29th: Margaret M. Martin, (NRA-1983). See The Buffalo NewsBuffalo Rising, Burchfield Penney Art Center

November 14th: Thomas Taffe, (RA-1993, Emeritus). See Memorium in The Salmagundian (Hail & Farewell).

November 13th: Will Barnet, (H-2003). See New York Times, Washington Post, Wikipedia

July 21st: Vivian Bell, longtime guest member; widow of the late Ulrich Bell (RA-1956).

July 10th: Capt. Lester Jay Stone, U.S. Navy, retired, (NRA-1968, Emeritus). See: Hagerstown Magazine,,, YouTube.

July 7th: Malcolm N. MacKenzie, (RA-1971). See Memorium in The Salmagundian (Hail & Farewell).

March  27th: Mary Evelyn (M.E.) Whitehill, (NRA-1983). See: White and Venuto Funeral Home.

March 14th: Katinka P. Coleman, (NRL-1989), wife of Loring W. Coleman (NRA-1941, Emeritus). See:

February 13th: Margaret Cassidy Manship, widow of the late John P. Manship (NRA-1984). See: Gloucester Times, Grondin Funeral Services.

February 6th: Frank E. Zuccarelli, (RA-1968, Emeritus). See: NJ Star Ledger.