May 1: Spotlight on Billy Montella, Jr.

Billy Montella, Jr. (NRA-1995) Warwick, Rhode Island

“My work is a journal, similar to Addison and Steele’s Tatler and The Spectator periodicals of the early 1700s. The viewpoint taken in these paintings serves as the work’s ‘subplot.’ The intricacies of these works, including such details as brush stroke, color and composition, create a sense of time and space.

“I draw inspiration for these works from the early 1900s American painters, such as Walter Farndon, Emile Gruppe, Frederick Mulhaupt, Antonio Cirino and a host of North Shore painters.

“The paintings are completed outdoors, in plein air, while the touch up and varnishing are done in the studio. The sculpture is done in the studio with or without a live model and from research or anatomical studies.”

Bio: Billy Montella Jr. hails from a notable family of New England artists. Painters and sculptors, they include his grandfather Philip Montella, father Bill Montella (also known as a designer of fine jewelry for the trade and the motion picture industry), uncles Thomas, Orest and Philip Montella Jr. and cousins Lorianne Montella Labrie and Thomas Montella, Jr. Most notable are painter, jeweler, designer, text book author and great-uncle Antonio Cirino and cousin Aristide Cianfarani. Winner of numerous national and regional awards, Billy holds art degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and Union College.

Amongst entries in countless SCNY shows, Montella participated in the historic October 2011 Exchange of Exhibitions with sister club Arti Et Amicitiae in Amsterdam. In addition to Salmagundi, Billy has memberships at the Providence Art Club, National Arts Club and Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts.

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3 comments on “May 1: Spotlight on Billy Montella, Jr.

  1. sandra sullivan says:

    Brilliant artist, certain to achieve the same status in the art world as his notable family members.

  2. Very inspirational works.

  3. Really enjoy your work. I was born and raised in R.I. but am now residing in S.C. Am a fellow Salmagundian.

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