May 9: Douglas Allen and N.C. Wyeth highlight 2012 Library Dinner

(by Mitch Kahn)

The highlight of the 2012 Library Dinner was a powerpoint presentation by SCNY artist Douglas Allen, author of N. C. Wyeth: The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals.
About the Book: “More than 300 four-color and black-and-white illustrations by one of America’s preeminent painters are collected here, along with illuminating text from the artist’s letters, magazine articles about his work, and many other sources. The result: a fully realized portrait of a “golden age” illustrator whose work appeared in then Saturday Evening Post, a classic edition of Treasure Island, and elsewhere for 42 years.”

May 4: American Masters Gala & Sale

(by Mitch Kahn)

On Friday, May 4th, 2012, participating artists, their patrons, other SCNY members and members of the press gathered in the parlor and Main Gallery at 47 Fifth Avenue for the 2012 American Masters Exhibition Gala Reception & Sale to benefit the Salmagundi Club. Now in its 5th year, the show runs April 25th through May 10th. Wine and hors d’oeuvres were in bountiful supply as attendees awaited the results of the drawing at the culmination of the evening to see which lucky buyers would win the “first option to purchase” 94 works submitted by the 40 Masters participating in this year’s fund-raiser. A preview reception for SCNY members took place on Thursday, April 26th, followed by a demonstration by Sherrie McGraw on Wednesday, May 2nd. Sherrie is also the current featured artist in the SCNY Patrons’ Gallery.

Left to right: Fine Art Connoisseur Editor Peter Trippi with Babette Bloch, Marc Mellon, Richard Schmid and Mara Sfara.

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Around Town: May 2012

May 17: Alex Katlan @ SCNY

Join Alexander Katlan for the launch (and book signing) of his latest tome, “Artist Letters, Notes and Sketches: A Guide to Letters, Ephemera, Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings and Ink Washes in the Katlan Collection”. For a list of other currently available books by Alex, see

May 19: Eddie Rochat @ Janus Collaborative School of Art

May 19: Beth Kurtz • Greenwich Village

May 19: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Bedford, Barrow and Commerce Streets
Greenwich Village

The Salmagundian • Journal of the Salmagundi Club of New York




To the Editor: May 2012

(Re: The Salmagundian emails from the Editor)
This is great, Mitch!
Will you be sending out emails like this on a regular basis? That would be nice. Let me know.
Chris Ivers
Meriden, CT
Editor: Thanks, Chris. I’m still negotiating the learning curve of WordPress. I will continue to send manual emails to the roster until I feel the direct subscription numbers are strong enough.
I’m not sure what a “subscription widget” is or does. I clicked on “about” and filled in my email address. I also added a “like on Facebook. If the monthly / weekly calendar is still being sent by email, please keep me on that list.
Rusty Leffel
Mission Hills, KS
Editor: Rusty, you’re subscribed. Note that there are several SCNY related email lists and web entities. The official Patron Mailings, which include the monthly / weekly Club calendars, are managed by SCNY staffer, Chris Nunnally. Chris also manages the official SCNY website. Our Facebook page is administered by SCNY member Annie Patt. It also serves to announce/promote official Club events. My little corner of the universe is The Salmagundian, which strives to be a Journal of what goes on at the Club “and in the professional  lives of its members” and my emails are independent of the others. As more people subscribe to The Salmagundian directly, the need to send those will decrease. Let us know about any shows you’re in so we can help get the word out.
Mitch – –
Good to hear from you. Thanks for the info and for all you do for Salmagundi! I’m doing street art fairs in Kansas City, Des Moines, Chicago and Salina in June so pretty localized there but will otherwise keep you up on things.
Rusty Leffel
Mission Hills, KS
PS: Does Salmagundi still have a reciprocal in Chicago? Do they have hotel rooms? Our Chicago show at the end of June is in Grant Park so we’re looking downtown for a place to stay.
Editor: Rusty, please do send us the show information. With SCNY members living and working all throughout the United States, as well as other countries, you might be surprised who stops by your booth to say hello. One intended function of The Salmagundian is to serve is as an extension of the Members Bulletin Board downstairs at the Club. As far as I know our reciprocal with “The Cliff Dwellers” in Chicago is still in place, however, as their name suggests, they occupy the penthouse floor of a 22 story office building so it’s unlikely they offer hotel rooms. Here’s their website:  
Hi Mitch, hope you’re well!
Annie Patt suggested I email you and see if it’s not too late to include an announcement for the GCA student exhibit in the Salmagundian newsletter.  Several students at the GCA are members of the club.
The show features work by the Water Street Atelier students.  The reception is at the Grand Central Academy of Art, 20 W 44th St.  The reception will be Friday, May 25th, from 5:30-7:30 PM  The work will be on view for the month of June, but because of summer class schedules, we can only have visitors between 1-2 PM and 5:30-6:30 PM Monday – Friday. The Water Street Atelier is a 4 year atelier program designed to offer classical training to serious students.I’m graduating this year and I can’t believe it!  I’ve attached one of my student paintings if you need an image.
Emilie Lee
Brooklyn, NY
Editor: Posted! Congratulations on graduating. The Grand Central Academy and Salmagundi are a good match – thanks for promoting us to your fellow students.
Hi Mitch—-
Congratulations on your new endeavor.  It’s very impressive that you’re so astute on the computer—-a new career???  It’s a terrific job !!  Well done.
Carole Teller
New York, NY
Editor: Thanks, Carole!  Now if I only spent this much time promoting my own musical career ………
You and the rest of “the team” have done a terrific job with this product. Many thanks for a wonderful enrichment to the world of Salmagundi!!  By George, I do believe we’ve made it into the 21st century…look out world here we come.
Mame Green
Long Branch, NJ
Editor: Thanks, Mame! The team has a number of empty seats in the bullpen, if anyone is interested in joining us.
 To whom it may concern,
 I just received the email link with our new member’s on line Salmagundi web magazine. I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on the marvelous job that you all have done with this web issue. I was not aware that we now had such a wonderful internet subscription available! Excellent.
Sincerely Yours,
Elise M. Beattie
Paducah, KY
Editor: Thank you, Elise.
 FANTASTIC.  Looks wonderful!!!  Thank you.  Am brewing up submissions in my head. 
Carolyn Jundzilo
Nahant, MA
Editor: Thank you, Carolyn.
 Hi, Mitch–
A fellow member, Beth Kurtz, alerted me a few weeks back that The Salmagundian was in the offing, and suggested that I contact you. Beth and I have talked several times about how the club can maintain collegiality or even simple contact among members once renovations begin. Certainly The Salmagundian is a great way to do it.
Let me introduce myself. I’ve been an oil painter for several decades. I live and work in Iowa (Des Moines) and teach at Des Moines University, where I chair the Department of Medical Humanities. (I’m also an interventional cardiologist, although I haven’t practiced in nearly a decade, having chosen academic work over clinical practice. My art practice is varied, ranging through portrait commissions to figures to the (very) occasional landscape. I’ve shown nationally and at Salmagundi, and currently show and sell around the Midwest.
Beth and I also discussed the possibility of a Salmagundi online forum, which could allow members of the club to communicate with relative immediacy, get to know one another better, post work in progress or unveil new works, and generally increase interactions among everyone, whether residents of NYC or non-resident members, like me. While I’m not necessarily interested in taking on more work, I’d be willing to assist in setting up a Salmagundians Forum some place. Although I’m not a computer guru I do have several years’ experience running a small, private discussion board of the type that might work for the club.
Now that I’ve browsed a bit, Congratulations. It’s really great. I like everything about it. The layout, images, links, etc. are all a delight. Thanks again, your work is much appreciated.
Gary Hoff
Des Moines, IA
Editor: Thanks, Gary. Salmagundi already has a substantial presence on Facebook which may or may not include an interactive forum for our members as you suggest. Get in touch with Annie Patt to see what those entities are and whether an additional Facebook “group” (as opposed to “page”) might be the best way to go.
 Congratulations, Mitch, for such a graphically handsome and professional magazine!!!
Jimmy Wright
New York, NY 
Editor: Thank you, Jimmy. We have to thank Thomas Shelford for his technical expertise and graphic skill in setting this weblog up to look and feel like a real print magazine.
this is a great site, so nicely done, wow, best of luck!  I’m an artist member and will send information about shows in the near future, just wanted to let you know that I think this is quite terrific.
Stacey Cushner
Newton, MA
Editor: Thank you, Stacey.
 This is great!
Janet A. Cook,
New York, NY
Editor: Thank you, Janet.
Please include the following announcement:
Andrea Placer’s drawings received the 1st Place and Honorable Mention drawing awards at the St. Catherine of Bologna Patron of the Arts Association Exhibition in March.  Visit
Thank you!
Andrea Placer
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Editor: Andrea, at this point I’m deluged with requests – and therefore limiting promos/announcements to upcoming shows (something I believe provides the most value to our members). If you’re participating in an upcoming show we’d be happy to list it in “Around Town” or “On the Trail”, depending on the location. See “About” in the contents index for requirements. 
 FANTASTIC!!  Mitch–you’re wonderful. 
Claudia Seymour
President, Salmagundi Club
Editor: >>>blushing<<<
Thanks for the Salmagundi inclusion – my mother truly enjoyed the atmosphere of artistic encouragement whenever she visited the Club. One of her last plein air painting excursions was last July when she at 91 she attended a NYC paint-out. She got herself down to Washington Square and set up her watercolors and was in heaven – a grand piano was being played under the arch, a sand-painter and a graffiti artist were entertaining the crowds, and while capturing the scene with her paints she chatted with and encouraged a young artist new to New York to continue his art.

Brian (B.T.) Whitehill
New York, NY
son of Mary (M.E.) Whitehill
Editor: Thanks for that priceless photo of your mother standing out on the SCNY parlor balcony, Brian. I’ve added it to the memorial about her in our “Hail and Farewell” section.
Letters to the Editor via email only: 

On the Trail: May 2012

May 5 – June 3: Thomas Shelford • Sag Harbor, Long Island

Thomas Shelford will be exhibiting 8 monotype prints at Grenning Gallery’s Tonalist exhibition.  This season-opening show in the Hamptons presents an exhibition of landscapes that follow in the tradition of 19th century Tonalists such as Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. The smoky, atmospheric style of Tonalism will be celebrated in a group exhibition which will include a series of hand-drawn monotype prints by Thomas Shelford and other artists including Kevin Sanders, Colin Berry, Jimmy Sanders and sculptor Chad Fisher. Shelford was introduced to the monotype printmaking process at the Club’s monotype parties and subsequently completed a residency at the Lower East Side Print Shop.

Reception: Saturday May 5, 6-8pm, Grenning Gallery, 17 Washington Street, Sag Harbor NY 11963

Montauk Lighthouse No. 2, Monotype Print

May 19th: Claudia Seymour • Bernardsville, NJ

May 19: Mary E. Whitehill Memorial • Newburgh, NY