June 10: SCNY Library Stars in HBO series “Girls”!

(by Mitch Kahn)

Once again Salmagundi’s gracious home was cast to appear in a major television production; this time HBO’s new hit series, Girls. In episode 9 of the inaugural season, lead character Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham), on a date with her former writing teacher Powell Goldman (Michael Imperioli), attends a literary reading which just so happens to take place in the SCNY library.

Season 1, Episode 9: Air date June 10th, 2012 (Click here for episode synopsis)

Click here for composite video which includes SCNY library shots. 

NOTE: Those who subscribe to HBO can view the entire episode via the internet.

June 22: Pietros Maneos Book Signing & Talk

(By Mitch Kahn)

In a day and age when the masses worship the latest and greatest electronic gadget and life’s whirlwind pace presents a totally abstract visual montage, perhaps we’d all be well advised to slow down just a bit and occasionally stop to smell the roses.

Thanks to Naomi Campbell and Gabriela Dellosso, poet, author and twenty-first century renaissance man Pietros (neé Peter) Maneos, currently on a nationwide tour to promote his latest book, found time to include New York City in his travel itinerary so he could share his philosophies on life, literature and art with an eager audience at Salmagundi.

Maneos’ novella, “The Italian Pleasures of Gabriele Paterkallos“, his third published work, is constructed in the epistolary format, or a collection of letters, the genesis of which is his own series of letters exchanged with Roman Payne, a self-exiled American novelist living in Paris.

Whether referencing the poetry of John Keats and Lord Byron or the writings of Jane Austen and Emily Bronte, Maneos points out numerous parallels between his own classically styled writings and the burgeoning resurgence in classic representational art in America, as witnessed by the young artists and work issuing forth from a new crop of classically oriented art academies recently sprouted up throughout New York City and its environs.

“Romantic Aestheticism” is the term Pietros has coined for it. Truth be told, these are philosophies that the Salmagundi Club has remained loyal to throughout its 140 year existence. Maneos is but preaching to the choir and fortunately, this choir is most partial to his song.

Next stop on his tour is Los Angeles.

Pietros Maneos discusses his philosophies on life, literature and art and his latest published work, The Italian Pleasures of Gabriele Paterkallos.

June 19: June Monotype Party

(By Mitch Kahn)

Much like the sculptor who creates a work by carving away unwanted material, the monotype artist removes unwanted ink from a fully inked plate, in a mirror image format. The result is a unique “one-off” print (with perhaps a secondary ghost print). Here we follow the process from beginning to end.

Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and use keyboard or roll-over arrows to continue.

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June 14: Archaeological Dig at 47 Fifth

(by Mitch Kahn)

Given that our ancestral home at 47 Fifth Avenue is the very first permanent structure ever built upon the plot of land on which it sits, speculation regarding what may or may not lie under her foundation could easily be fodder for hours of endless debate, however the archaeological dig going on at present lies not beneath the house nor its foundation but under the third floor; or more precisely, between the second and third floor bathrooms. Clearly there is nothing to debate here.

Inside the ceiling of the second floor bathroom.

While the bones of our old house remain strong, unbeknownst to us this particular collection of 1852 vintage cast iron pipe had given up the ghost. Workmen hired to repair ceiling damage in the second floor bathroom previously thought to be from an outside leak, quickly discovered the true nature of the ceiling’s demise and it had quite a distinct “air” about it.

This “archaeological find” has been scientifically carbon dated back to 1852.

An urgent flurry of emails nearly brought the internet to a stand-still late Wednesday evening (June 13th), as staff sought a quick Board vote on the $8500.00 emergency allocation necessary to cover the extra costs involved in replacing the ancient plumbing and fixtures. By morning unanimous approval had been obtained and work continued without disruption.

Brand new steel replacement pipe already in place.

Fast forward to June 26th: ceiling repaired and primed.

Repairs and installation of new fixtures are scheduled to be completed within the week.

June 11: SCNY @ Thirteen/WNET Tisch Studios with Producer Joan Hershey

(by Mitch Kahn)

Thanks to SCNY artist and former television news journalist, Betsy Ashton, Thirteen/WNET’s Tisch Studios buzzed the members of Salmagundi in for a peek at their year old production facility at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on Manhattan’s Upper Westside.

Artfully tucked into the northeast corner of the Juilliard School, WNET’s state-of-the-art production studios offer open views onto Broadway on two floors.

As explained by Gloria Deucher, Director of Volunteer Resources at Thirteen, robotic cameras with built in telepromptors are operated remotely by directors in control rooms at Thirteen/WNET headquarters a mile south at Worldwide Plaza. Digital audio and video stream back instantly over high speed fiber optic cables.

Flat screen monitors, including this monster being maneuvered into place by studio technician Chazz Peek, together with wall panels that use rear projection technology, allow producers and directors to incorporate many kinds of prerecorded and simulated backgrounds in their projects.

Today’s lighting designers have advanced cool LED technology to work with, a welcome change from the sweltering Klieg lights notorious in television studios of an earlier era.

Upstairs in the larger of the two studios, Betsy Ashton (left) introduces Thirteen/WNET producer Joan Hershey (Great Performances, NYC Arts, Metrofocus), to give an overview of her many projects; past, present and future, at Thirteen.

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June 8-9: Second Semi-Annual Overnight Draw-a-Thon

Photos galore from the 2nd Semi-Annual Overnight Draw-a-Thon

Photos by Mitch Kahn (MK) • Annie Patt (AP) • Griff Seymour (GS)

June 7: COGAP Collection 2012 • Inaugural Exhibition Opening

(by Karen Loew)

On Thursday, June, 7th, members of Salmagundi, the Coast Guard Art Program, the U.S. Coast Guard and the New York Council of the Navy League gathered to celebrate the transfer of the 2012 COGAP Collection to the U.S. Coast Guard and launch the 2012 COGAP Exhibition Tour. The evening kicked off with a gala reception in the parlor followed by the formal presentation, acceptance and awards ceremony in the main gallery.

After a brief welcome by SCNY president Claudia Seymour and the presentation of colors, Rear Admiral J. Robert Lunney (U.S. Navy – retired), president of the New York Council of the Navy League, delivered his remarks. Next came special guest of honor Rear Admiral Linda Fagan, USCG Sector Commander and Captain of the Port of New York and New Jersey, offering a glowing tribute to the artists of the Coast Guard Art Program and their work.

SCNY president Seymour was charged with presenting the newest paintings by artists of COGAP to the Coast Guard while Admiral Fagan dutifully accepted on the Coast Guard’s behalf. Artists whose work was accepted received public service commendation certificates from the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard.

George Gray Award for Outstanding Artistic Excellence: A jury comprised of Fine Art Connoisseur editor Peter Trippi, Admiral Fagan and SCNY president Seymour selected “Bringing Her Home“, a watercolor by Louis Stephen Gadal, as the winner of the 2012 George Gray Award.

Sponsor: As in past years, the opening reception was underwritten by the New York Council of the Navy League. The Jeevan D’Souza duo featuring Miguel Mateus on bass provided music.

2012 COGAP Exhibition: The 2012 Exhibition, which is comprised of the the 2012 Collection augmented with selected pieces from previous years, runs through June 15th, after which it moves downtown to Federal Hall National Memorial where it will be on view from June 20th through August 9th.

About COGAP: The Coast Guard Art Program uses fine art as an outreach tool for educating diverse audiences about the United States Coast Guard. Through displays at museums, libraries and patriotic events, Coast Guard art tells the story of the service’s missions, heroes and history. Art is also displayed in offices of members of Congress, senior officials of the executive branch of government and other military services and at Coast Guard locations throughout the United States. COGAP artists, most of whom are professional artists, volunteer their time and talents to help COGAP fulfill its missions. Today, the collection comprises 1,800 works.

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James Keul with oil on linen triptych, The Progress of Mankind (12′ x 20′).
The Bobby Redd Project Space, a repurposed 1880’s church in Bushwick, Brooklyn is hosting an exhibition called HolyBOS! (Holy Bushwick Open Studios). More info on the artist’s website HERE.

WNET Tour: L-R (rear): Tonya Melendez, Kathleen Arffmann, Tom Ashton, Eleanor Ashton, ??, Sandra Sanderson
L-R (front): Myriam Cahn, Barbara Hellering

Rusty Leffel presented with a Merit Award by show director Karla Prickett for his photography at the Smoky Hill River Festival, Salinas, Kansas

Tom & Eleanor Ashton at Thirteen/WNET’s Tisch Studios.

Stacey Cushner hosting her show, Borrowing Forward: The New Vanitas, at the Marran Gallery, Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachussets.

Just arrived at the Draw-a-Thon from a formal gig, Salmagundian editor Mitch Kahn was tagged by SCNY artist Kathleen Gray before he could change out of his work clothes.

Betsy Ashton (left) and Marian Fay Levitt at Thirteen/WNET’s Tisch Studios.

Kevin McEvoy alongside his oil, Keats’ Fiddle, (40″ x 48″), which took Second Prize in the Spring 2012 Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.

Patrick Antonelle at the Spring 2012 Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.

Karen Loew (Must be Heaven) • Councilman Robert Jackson’s Uptown Office (NYC) thru June 30th.

Annie Patt at the Spring 2012 Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.

Jean Schwartz in a group show, Landscapes and Other Visions, at the Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum in Bethesda, Maryland – thru June 30.

Joseph P. Grieco at the Spring 2012 Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.

Susan Balas Whitfield alongside her publisher, Ted Reece, signing the first copy of a new limited edition 30″ x 40″ print of The Charge, an oil painting that dates back to her Scholarship days at SCNY. Official launch: June 30 in Ignacio, Colorado.

John Mansueto hosting his 2012 Artist’s Open Studio • June 1st • Islip, New York.

Emilie Lee at the opening reception for the exhibition of the students of the Water Street Atelier at the Grand Central Academy of Art with academy founder, Jacob Collins.

Devin Cecil-Wishing with his work at the opening reception for the exhibition of the students of the Water Street Atelier at the Grand Central Academy of Art.