June 1: Spotlight on David H. Reuss

David H. Reuss (RA-1997). Elected a Scholarship member in 1997, David currently holds office as Club Treasurer and teaches the Saturday morning class.

“Strength is what appeals mostly to me in art. The work can be any medium, style, subject or size, however in the end the work must have power.”

BIO: David Reuss is a proud New York City native, born and raised on Staten Island and currently residing in Manhattan.

While working on staff as an illustrator at Lowe, a large advertising agency, David was introduced to the Salmagundi Club by fellow illustrator, Bill Angresano. After a long day of drawing at the agency, they would head to SCNY for more drawing, often attending Louis DeDonato’s Life Drawing sessions on Thursday nights. Falling in love with the history, ambiance and artistic camaraderie of Salmagundi, David applied for and was elected a Scholarship member in 1997.

Fast forward to 2012 and David is currently serving on the Board of Directors as Treasurer and Education Chairman. Previously he’s held office as Third Vice President, Chairman of the Public Relations Committee and Co-chair of the Junior/Scholarship Committee. If that weren’t enough, David has also taken the helm of the Saturday morning class where he teaches painting and drawing.

David’s mother Laurel, also an artist, became equally enamored of the Club, joining as a Resident Artist in 1999.

David holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts and earned his Masters Degree in Arts and Cultural Management at Pratt Institute. He is an Executive member of the Society of Illustrators, serving as Membership Chairman, Special Events Chairman and Treasurer.

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One comment on “June 1: Spotlight on David H. Reuss

  1. Michelangelo had his “David”, I have my son, David.

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