To the Editor: June 2012

[Re: Panel Discussion • Managing Your Art Career]
Dear Mitch
Many thanks for the wonderful job you are doing on The Salmagundian and for your coverage of our successful panel on “How to Manage Your Art Career”.
I thought the in-depth piece on the history of our building was very interesting – I learned a great deal and found the old photos fascinating – and I finally found out what Salmagundi means!
All the best in your outstanding endeavor,
Marian Fay Levitt
Editor: Thanks, Marian, and congratulations. You and your fellow Program Committee members produced an outstanding event.
[Re: Fleet Week Lunch @ SCNY]
What a great day for the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps to get to enjoy the fine art and hospitality of the Salmagundians! Thanks for taking such good care of your service members. This was truly an opportunity they will remember when looking fondly back on their NYC experience.
Thanks again,
Lt. Col. Neil F. Murphy, USMC
Editor: Truly our pleasure!
 Attn: Mitch Kahn
I am [a] member of the Salmagundi Art Club and would like to submit a blurb and image for the Salmagundi Stew:
“Isabella Pizzano was recently published in the book, Eyes on Abstracts, edited by Joe Guimera. She received [the] Best in Show Award [at the] Garden State Watercolor Society [Show], May 2012 [image of painting]”.
Best regards,
Isabella Pizzano
Editor: Isabella, you must be tremendously proud of these accomplishments – and we are just as proud of you. I spent a few days trying to figure out where and how to fit this in and whether or not I can. My problem is that YOU’RE NOT IN THE PHOTO. The objective of The Salmagundian is for us to get to know our members better and for our non-resident members to feel better connected to us. That said, I see two solutions. If you have a photo from the Garden State Watercolor show depicting you and the artwork together, that would work. If you don’t have such a photo, but can have someone take a photo of you holding the book you’re included in, standing next to the original (if it’s still in your possession), that would also work. 
 Hi Mitch,
Here’s an event for you. I am signing a limited edition print of an oil which I did many years ago as a Scholarship member. It won a prize back then at the Oil show. Now it is chosen as my first collector print.
“The production of the first limited edition Balas print is the realization of a prediction by [then] SCNY President Ray Goldberg and fellow Salmagundians back in the seventies”.
Image caption: Susan Balas-Whitfield with master printer, Ted Reece, of Aspen Graphics, Denver Colorado.
Susan Balas-Whitfield
Durango, Colorado
Editor: You’re posted in a new section called “Tagged”.
It looks nice, Mitch. You are a fantastic web designer. It has brought the Salmagundi Club close to home for me and I’m sure for many others. I have missed the days in New York and painting at the club. Thank you for a fine job.
Editor: Thank you, Susan, and congratulations from all of us at 47. We get a deep feeling of satisfaction when a Scholarship member goes on to succeed in their chosen field and take great pride in every one of their achievements. Do you think we could finagle a signed copy of the print for the Club’s collection (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)?
[reply from Susan]
…. of course I would donate a signed copy for the club …. I’m glad you enjoy the adventures of the Scholarship members. I should tell you that Carrie Boone Nelson, Flora Giuffuni and I were having lunch at Carrie’s country club in Staten Island when Flora announced to us that she was going to start a Pastel Society. “Any takers?”, she asked. Can you believe at the time I told her I was too busy with the little children? I had to enter the PSA the circuitous route many years later, but now have full signature status.
I miss my club – Dag, I need a dinner!
Skip Mufalli
Ft. Myers, Florida
Editor: Skip – we miss you too!
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