To the Editor: July 2012


Here’s my paintings and bio for the portfolio online.

Patt Baldino
Patt Baldino Fine Art
Editor: Patt, the Artist Portfolios and Galleries live on the official Salmagundi Club Website, not The Salmagundian Weblog. The Salmagundian is more of a magazine or Club diary. The scheduled launch date for Portfolios is July 16th although some of the artist links are live already (those of members who responded more than a year ago). The Board voted to include the 5-image Portfolio as a perk of membership (accounts must remain in good standing) and checks previously sent were never deposited. The Premium Gallery Page template is still being designed and will accommodate additional images and text. It will be an extremely affordable upgrade and could very well suffice as a primary webpage for artists who don’t require extensive multi-page websites. More information and instructions will be forthcoming. These are exciting times … stay tuned.
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