Aug 7: Kassan Foundation Fundraiser & Demo

(By Mitch Kahn)

The SCNY Gallery briefly awoke from its sleepy summer hiatus on Tuesday Evening, August 7th for a fundraiser to kickoff David Kassan’s new non-profit foundation ( The festivities consisted of a demo accompanied by live music, plus a silent auction.

The impetus for this new foundation came from a grant that David himself received early on in his career.

The Kassan Foundation’s Mission Statement: to nurture talent within individuals who may need a little financial help and to develop that talent. Each year the foundation will award grants to two individuals, one musical artist and one visual artist.

Rick Schneider manning the registration desk.

Jasmine Commerce and Rheanna Downey providing music for the event.

Silent auction.

David at work drawing Henry William Oelkers.

SCNY Chairman Tim Newton taking a break from his Renovation Committee meeting to scope out the event.

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