Oct 5th: Bidding Deadline • Sunrise, Sunset Exhibition and Silent Auction

Samuel Price Morgan • Illumination
Oil (11″ x 14″)
Opening Bid $600 • Call for current bid

(By Mitch Kahn)

Currently on view in the Main Gallery, bids on the Sunrise, Sunset Exhibition and Silent Auction, a fundraiser to benefit the Gallery Renovation Project, will be accepted until 6:30pm on Friday, October 5th. Winning bids will be announced at the closing reception (Fri, Oct 5th, 5-7pm).

The special qualities of light observed at the day’s beginning and at its end have drawn artists from time immemorial to try to capture its mysteries. The Salmagundi Club numbers among its artists some of today’s finest landscape painters, many of whom will display their exceptional skills in this exhibition, depicting the atmosphere and color of the rising and setting sun.


TELEPHONE BIDDING: Bidders can register and bid by phone with house accounts or credit cards but since bids can change until the auction closes, we advise checking in on the last day Friday, Oct 5 to see where they stand.

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On the Trail: October 2012

Late listings are welcomed. November listings published October 25th.

Group show includes member Carmiah Frank
Palais Royale • Champs Elysees • Clemenceau • Paris
October 25 – October 29

Anthony Almeida • Poised for Tomorrow • Photograph
Monmouth Museum Juried Photography Exhibition (Now thru Oct 28)
765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738

Group show includes SCNY member Steve Parton

Group show includes SCNY members: Amanda Epstein, Jack Garver, Tom Hedderich, Ruth Newquist, Carleton Plummer, Carol Reilley, Sharon Way-Howard

Group show includes SCNY member: Sharon Way-Howard

Exhibition can be viewed online HERE thru December 31st.
Includes SCNY members Del-Bouree Bach, Thomas Adkins, Al Barker, Cindy Baron, Mike Budden, Don Demers, Cathy Ferrell, Jack Garver, Larry Johnston, Russ Kramer, Loretta Krupinski, Robert Lagasse, James Magner, Barbara Maiser, Jane McGraw-Teubner, Jonathan McPhillips, Kim Muller-Thym, Bob Noreika, Sergio Roffo, Edwin Rudd

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Sept 23: SCNY @ The 40th Annual Pastel Society of America Awards Dinner

L-R: Christine Coviello, Diane Rappisi, Brenda Mattson, Tim Newton, Urania Christy Tarbet

(By Mitch Kahn)

The 40th Annual Pastel Society of America Exhibition ended its run with a gala awards dinner at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park. This New York City annual is always a major draw and Salmagundi was very well represented on the walls, at the tables and accepting a generous share of prizes and accolades from the podium.

Claudia Seymour and Terry Ludwig

Mark Seymour and Janet A. Cook

Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use left and right rollover arrows to continue.

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Sept 19: Old-Timers – Newcomers Get-Together Season Kickoff

(Photos by Mitch Kahn, Kathleen Gray & Beth Kurtz)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are a thousand pictures worth?

Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use left and right rollover arrows to continue.

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Sept 18: September Monotype Party

Sherry Lane

(By Mitch Kahn)

The arrival of autumn and what better way to celebrate than another Monotype Party – this time in color! Those hardy souls who braved some monsoon-like weather were rewarded with a grand night at Salmagundi.

Bob Mueller

Ed Brennan

Gail Simon

Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use left and right rollover arrows to continue.

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Sept 14: Junior / Scholarship Summer Exhibition Awards Reception

(By Mitch Kahn)

On it’s closing day, friends from within and outside the Club gathered along with participating artists to celebrate the 2012 Junior / Scholarship Summer Exhibition. Awards went to Christina Mastrangelo, Ian Marion, James Keul, Monica Baumann, Gregory Shafiro and Eddie Rochat.

Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use right rollover arrows to continue.

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Sept 16: Plein Air Paint Out

(Photos by Bill Howard & Richard Loretori)

As the Club gears up for the 3rd Annual Plein Air Exhibition, an organized group set out to paint the town on Sunday, September 16th. The next Plein Air Excursions are set for Sunday, October 7th and October 28th.

The Plein Air Exhibition will hang from November 11-November 30 (receiving, Friday/Saturday, November 9/10).

Michael Budden

Lynn Mehta

Sharon Way-Howard

Sept 10: From the Editor • 6 Month Recap

The start of the 2012-2013 club season is the perfect time to bring you up to date on our progress since launch and alert you to some recent tweaks. First, we’re proud to say that this six-month old fledgling internet publication has already been viewed more than 21,000 times by readers in 64 countries. Our photo essay on the June 2012 overnight Draw-a-Thon garnered over 1500 views in just the first 24 hours after it was published. We’re getting referrals from all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing), plus Facebook, Twitter and Salmagundi’s weekly Patron Mail sends and our readers have been clicking through to all the links in our posts. Most importantly, we’re able to get the news out as it happens … no interminable delays as was the case with the earlier print versions.

What this means to you: To share this extraordinary resource with all Salmagundi members, we’ve created Around TownOn the Trail and the Bulletin Board. The posts in these sections contain listings of upcoming gallery exhibitions, open shows, art fairs, workshops and other events involving members taking place outside the four walls of the club. Getting the word out to fellow Salmagundians and friends has never been easier and while this won’t replace your current publicity efforts, it will supplement them in a huge way.

Deadlines: There are no concrete deadlines in the conventional sense. A blog post never goes to the printer and can always be updated, however the time of publication becomes an ersatz deadline. Why? Upon publication the post, with all its content, is immediately emailed out to blog subscribers (sign up on any blog page), after which links are uploaded to the SCNY Facebook page and Twitter feed. Finally the post is referenced by another link in the weekly Patron Mail email from the club. Together with additional referrals from search engines and various other online sources, a post can have an ultimate reach approaching 2000 views. Additional (late) listings can be edited in later but they won’t achieve the same exposure as those in that initial publication blast.

So what’s the deadline? After chomping on the pencil for a bit we’ve come to the conclusion that the best date to publish a given month’s listings is the 25th of the previous month. This means October’s Around Town and On the Trail listings will be published on September 25th. November’s posts will be published on October 25th, etc. Get your listing to us by the 25th and it will be included in the blast. Miss the deadline? Send it to us anyway and we’ll edit it into the post. When it comes to publicity, every little bit helps. Items for the Bulletin Board are published individually as we receive them and therefore have no deadline.

A word about TAGGED: Our goal is to have photos of all 850 members published within 2 years. Impossible? perhaps …. but we’re going to give it our best try. Since we’re obviously not going to be able to cover every single event around the world, we need everyone to pitch in by sending us their own photos, especially those that are way out on the trail.

Covering your event: We really do want to cover as many events as possible in person and get those photos published but if you don’t invite us, we might not find out on our own (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), so please keep us in the loop.

THE FINE PRINT: Click on About/Submissions in the index on the top or right hand column of the page and it’s all spelled out.

Thank You! It’s been quite an adventure thus far and getting more exciting each day. If you’re interested in working with us on The Salmagundian, just drop us a line: thesalmagundian@verizon.net

Have a wonderful year and I’ll see you at #47, around town or on the trail.

Best regards,
Mitch Kahn
Editor, The Salmagundian
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Sept 9: SCNY @ The 47th Annual Gallery North Outdoor Art Show

(By John Mansueto & Mitch Kahn)

The weekend of September 8th and 9th was a busy one for outdoor art shows. While the denizens of Greenwich Village had a second weekend to savor the Fall Washington Square Outdoor Exhibit, the Gallery North Outdoor Art Show in Setauket, Long Island, with seven Salmagundians participating, also had the benefit of some magnificent late summer weather. Now in its 47th year, this North Shore annual, presented by the non-profit Gallery North, provided an exceptional opportunity for North Shore residents to view and purchase fine art and crafts from some of Long Island’s finest painters, photographers and crafts people. The indoor gallery, pop-up outdoor food court and live music combined to make this a perfect end to the season.

Doug ReinaKevin McEvoy

Jane McGraw Teubner

John Mansueto

Jim Molloy

Louise Fucci

Sharon Way-Howard

the flobo haus Jazz Wind Trio

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