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Tom Hedderich
North East Watercolor Society 2012 Annual Int’l Juried Exhibition

Ruth Newquist
North East Watercolor Society 2012 Annual Int’l Juried Exhibition

Amanda Epstein
North East Watercolor Society 2012 Annual Int’l Juried Exhibition

Gail Postal (R) with Victoria Cook at opening reception of solo exhibition at Tazza Gallery, NYC

Gary Hoff with wife Pat visiting from Des Moines.

L-R: Marc Mellon, Mara Sfara, Babette Bloch
Dedication of Marc’s bust of Elie Wiesel at the 92nd Street Y

Steve Parton @ The Carriage Barn Arts Center
American Pastoral Group Show – Thru Nov 11th
Waveny Park, New Canaan, CT

Laura Ellis at the CLWAC reception at the NAC

L-R: John Morehouse, Mohammed Yousuf, Pamela Koob
Opening Reception • Celebrating the Line • Art Students League

Bonnie Yousuf
Opening Reception • Celebrating the Line • Art Students League

Maceo W. Mitchell • Patron’s Gallery Exhibition

Patricia J. Wynne • Patron’s Gallery Exhibition

Janet Cook @ Alex Adam Gallery • Harlem ArtWalk

Lynn Lieberman @ Casa Frela Gallery • Harlem ArtWalk

Selma Hillman with daughter Lori Brand • Parlor Exhibition

Grand Central Academy of Art • Salon: Hudson River Fellowship
L-R: GCA Administrator Justine Kalb, Emilie Lee, Jamie Morren, Alex Berrios

Grand Central Academy of Art • Sam Hung

Grand Central Academy of Art • Salon: Hudson River Fellowship
L-R: ?, Emilie Lee, Rodrigo Mateo, Alex Berrios, Jamie Morren

Grand Central Academy of Art • Michelle Palatnik

Grand Central Academy of Art • Salon: Hudson River Fellowship
L-R: J.P. Winter, Devin Cecil-Wishing, Patrick Byrnes

Grand Central Academy of Art • Salon: Hudson River Fellowship
L-R: Katie Whipple, Rebecca Gray, Emilie Lee

Grand Central Academy of Art • Salon: Hudson River Fellowship
GCA Registrar Joy Tomasko and Katie Whipple

John Mansueto • Half Light on the Docks
Islip Arts Council 29th Annual Juried Show

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Oct 27: PAI Settles in @ SCNY


(By Mitch Kahn)

Buffet dinner prior to program.

PAI, or Photography and Imaging, is an organization founded in the 1950’s with a mission to provide a forum for varied interests in the photographic arts while building camaraderie and inspiring creativity. Roughly a year ago, this all-volunteer, not for profit association of professional photographers suddenly found itself without a home, victim of ongoing turmoil at the National Arts Club where it long held its monthly get togethers. Willing and able to adapt to dinnertime meetings in lieu of luncheons, PAI is now a welcomed monthly guest at Salmagundi, featuring distinguished professionals in the photographic arts as guest speakers at its after-dinner programs.

Over the years, PAI has presented such prominent industry figures as Lucien Clerque, Fritz Goro, John Isaac, Arthur Leipzig, John Loengard, Marvin Newman, Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, Duane Michals, Ben Ross, Howard Schatz, Joseph Costa, William Gottlieb, Jan Ralph, John Morris, Gordon Parks, Costa Peterson, Arthur Tress and Tony Vaccaro.

Peter Blachley

At its most recent gathering, Thursday evening, October 18th, PAI’s guest speaker was former west coast record industry executive and gallarist, Peter Blachley. Blachley’s Morrison Hotel Gallery on Prince Street in New York’s Soho district represents independent and corporate photographers of the Rock & Roll era, offering individually produced limited edition prints of their photographs. Images include many classic band shots previously immortalized in album cover art. During the illustrated presentation, Blachley brought us from his beginnings and ascent in the record industry to his subsequent lifelong friendships with it’s top photographers, noting how they carefully cultivated welcomed and highly respectful access to their subjects, in stark contrast to the infamous tactics employed by many of today’s paparazzi.

Besides its monthly gatherings, PAI periodically bestows special honors on leaders in the field with awards for Lifetime and Technical Achievement and to institutions that teach photography, awards for Education.

In past years PAI has sponsored exhibitions of its members’ work and hopes to find room in the gallery schedule at Salmagundi to continue this tradition. Marcus Reidenberg, a member of both PAI and SCNY, is available to answer any inquiries from Salmagundians interested in learning more about PAI.

Oct 25, 2012: Untapped New York • GroupMe Experiences Transforms SCNY for a Night

A private rental of the Salmagundi Club promised to summon up the ghosts lurking in our old house. On Wednesday, October 24th, GroupMe Experiences transformed 47 Fifth into a pre-Halloween epic. Creative lighting and decoration inside and out gave every nook and cranny a unique vibe. If only those walls could talk!

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Main gallery dressed up for the dance.

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Oct 20: SCNY @ 41 Union Square West Open Studios

(By Mitch Kahn)

After a 10+ year hiatus following 9/11, the doors to 41 Union Square West were once again thrown wide open to give the public a glimpse at the workspaces and work of some of the city’s finest artists with SCNY well represented. Built over 100 years ago specifically to meet the northern exposure light requirements of New York artists, 41 Union Square West was the scene of several major movements in 20th century art and throughout those years it has been the artistic home to many Salmagundians. The 2012 open studios event continues through Sunday, October 21st.

Diana Willis

Elizabeth Spencer

Laura Ellis with visitor Kathleen Arffmann

Front: Brenda Tribush (left) and Dorothy Graham (right), Rear: Carl Sis & Esther Sis, Marty & Judy Stecklow

Emilie Lee

Uptown, the Fashion Center was having its own Arts Festival event celebrating the creative individuals, groups and companies that contribute to the unique energy that fuels America’s fashion capital. Salmagundi’s Beth Kurtz, who rents workspace in the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts building at 323 West 39th Street was a participant in this multi-faceted event.

Beth Kurtz

Oct 12: SCNY @ The 116th Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Annual Open Exhibition

Jean Kroeber and Carey Boone Nelson

(By Mitch Kahn)

The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club’s Annual Open Exhibition is unquestionably the grande dame of group shows in New York City and its 116th installation continues in the hallowed tradition we’ve long since grown accustomed to and admired.

Gloria Spevacek

Among the 37 Salmagundians participating, Gloria Spevacek took the spotlight as CLWAC’s 2012 Honored Member. The exhibition runs through October 26th at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park.

For the first time the complete show can be viewed online HERE

Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use right rollover arrows to continue.

The Salmagundian • Journal of the Salmagundi Club of New York

Memorium: Malcolm N. MacKenzie, (RA 1971) • Sept 11, 1948 – July 7, 2012

Very late notice was received by the club on October 15th that longtime member Malcolm N. MacKenzie passed away July 7th, 2012.

Malcolm’s tenure at the Salmagundi Club began as a Scholarship applicant in 1971, rising through the ranks to ultimately occupy a seat on the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Art Committee. Stepping down from that position after a number of years, Malcolm continued his participation in the club’s activities as both an exhibiting artist and volunteer staffer on auction nights.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1948, the son of a physician, Malcolm moved to New York City in 1966 to study with Frank Reilly. Reilly was known for his broad knowledge of the basic tools of art and his ability to simplify his composition, making him one of the most sought out teachers on the New York art scene.

Artistically, Malcolm developed his own voice using the fundamental formulas of classical training to interpret New York landscapes and environs in his own way. Looking at Malcolm’s oil paintings, one can immediately identify his work. He painted what few artists would select as a subject: discarded images in one’s local setting, a computer station, a television set, a bottle of whiskey or an unassuming neighborhood bank branch.

Sought out by museum galleries in New York and elsewhere throughout his lifetime and the recipient of many awards, Malcolm was never driven or motivated by the need for recognition. It was always about the art.

A 2010 retrospective exhibit in the Patron’s Gallery provided a detailed look at Malcolm’s body of work.

Oct 11: Fall 2012 Auction Exhibition Awards Reception

L-R: Charlie Yoder, Claudia Seymour, Bob Pillsbury, Paul Stockschlaeder

(By Mitch Kahn)

On Thursday, October 11th, an enthusiastic crowd gathered at Salmagundi for the first formal opportunity to view the 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition and to cheer its award recipients. Claudia Seymour together with Art Committee Chairman Charlie Yoder, Artist Jury of Awards Chairman Bob Pillsbury and Lay Jury of Awards Chairman Paul Stockschlaeder handed out the prizes.

This year’s fall auctions are scheduled for Wednesday Evening, October 17th (8:00pm), Sunday Afternoon, October 28th (2:00pm) and Friday, November 2nd (8:00pm).


Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use right rollover arrows to continue.

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Oct 9: SCNY @ The Art Students League • Celebrating the Line

Walter Jack Duncan • The Salmagundi Bar • Pen & Ink

(By Mitch Kahn)

On view through November 7th at the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery of the Art Students League (215 West 57th Street • NYC) is an exhibition of work by “Outstanding Illustrators, Designers and Cartoonists” including many members of Salmagundi. Curated by Pamela N. Koob, items include those from the ASL collection as well as others on loan from SCNY.

Editor’s note: The decision to photograph these works by SCNY artists was unplanned, with the execution perhaps a bit rushed, however such an extensive body of work warranted the effort to provide a small glimpse to members who would otherwise be unable to see this exhibition.

Descriptions follow the works • click on the first thumbnail to begin, then use the right rollover arrow to continue.

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Oct 7: Sneak Peek • 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition

Fall 2012 Auction Exhibition

(By Mitch Kahn)

Following a perusal of the 2012 Harlem ArtWalk and a second go at the Fall 2012 Affordable Art Fair, an unplanned stop @47 to replenish a supply of business cards provided an eleventh hour opportunity to steal a few shots of the 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition and visit with Maceo Mitchell and Patricia Wynne in the Patron’s Gallery (see October TAGGED). Pardon a few fuzzy photos and undoubtedly some missed artwork (this was not the official shoot and the Club was about to close for the day). Kudos to Charlie Yoder, the Art Committee and other member volunteers for another exceptional hanging.


Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use left and right rollover arrows to continue.

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