Oct 11: Fall 2012 Auction Exhibition Awards Reception

L-R: Charlie Yoder, Claudia Seymour, Bob Pillsbury, Paul Stockschlaeder

(By Mitch Kahn)

On Thursday, October 11th, an enthusiastic crowd gathered at Salmagundi for the first formal opportunity to view the 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition and to cheer its award recipients. Claudia Seymour together with Art Committee Chairman Charlie Yoder, Artist Jury of Awards Chairman Bob Pillsbury and Lay Jury of Awards Chairman Paul Stockschlaeder handed out the prizes.

This year’s fall auctions are scheduled for Wednesday Evening, October 17th (8:00pm), Sunday Afternoon, October 28th (2:00pm) and Friday, November 2nd (8:00pm).


Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use right rollover arrows to continue.

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One comment on “Oct 11: Fall 2012 Auction Exhibition Awards Reception

  1. skip mufalli - salmagundian says:

    i myself will be arriving at the club wed 17th jack costa and kevin kilroy will be meeting me for dinner – we will all purchase paintings or people will have to out bid me –

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