Oct 11: Fall 2012 Auction Exhibition Awards Reception

L-R: Charlie Yoder, Claudia Seymour, Bob Pillsbury, Paul Stockschlaeder

(By Mitch Kahn)

On Thursday, October 11th, an enthusiastic crowd gathered at Salmagundi for the first formal opportunity to view the 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition and to cheer its award recipients. Claudia Seymour together with Art Committee Chairman Charlie Yoder, Artist Jury of Awards Chairman Bob Pillsbury and Lay Jury of Awards Chairman Paul Stockschlaeder handed out the prizes.

This year’s fall auctions are scheduled for Wednesday Evening, October 17th (8:00pm), Sunday Afternoon, October 28th (2:00pm) and Friday, November 2nd (8:00pm).


Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use right rollover arrows to continue.

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Oct 9: SCNY @ The Art Students League • Celebrating the Line

Walter Jack Duncan • The Salmagundi Bar • Pen & Ink

(By Mitch Kahn)

On view through November 7th at the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery of the Art Students League (215 West 57th Street • NYC) is an exhibition of work by “Outstanding Illustrators, Designers and Cartoonists” including many members of Salmagundi. Curated by Pamela N. Koob, items include those from the ASL collection as well as others on loan from SCNY.

Editor’s note: The decision to photograph these works by SCNY artists was unplanned, with the execution perhaps a bit rushed, however such an extensive body of work warranted the effort to provide a small glimpse to members who would otherwise be unable to see this exhibition.

Descriptions follow the works • click on the first thumbnail to begin, then use the right rollover arrow to continue.

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Oct 7: Sneak Peek • 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition

Fall 2012 Auction Exhibition

(By Mitch Kahn)

Following a perusal of the 2012 Harlem ArtWalk and a second go at the Fall 2012 Affordable Art Fair, an unplanned stop @47 to replenish a supply of business cards provided an eleventh hour opportunity to steal a few shots of the 2012 Fall Auction Exhibition and visit with Maceo Mitchell and Patricia Wynne in the Patron’s Gallery (see October TAGGED). Pardon a few fuzzy photos and undoubtedly some missed artwork (this was not the official shoot and the Club was about to close for the day). Kudos to Charlie Yoder, the Art Committee and other member volunteers for another exceptional hanging.


Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use left and right rollover arrows to continue.

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Oct 5: Oktoberfest, Awards Presentation & General Meeting

Oktoberfest Crowd

(By Mitch Kahn)

This triple header at Salmagundi drew a stellar turnout. An Oktoberfest reception complete with wurst and a keg of beer was the perfect theme for the close of the Sunrise, Sunset Silent Auction. It also doubled as the awards reception for the Drawings Show, winding down in the lower gallery as the Club readies both spaces to mount the incoming Fall Auction Exhibition. Following a “Biergarten Buffet” in the dining room, the membership returned to the upper gallery for the October General meeting.

L-R: Bob Pillsbury, Claudia Seymour, Tim Newton, Roger Rossi

Photos are in gallery format. Click on the first thumbnail to open full frame and then use left and right rollover arrows to continue.

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Oct 3: Resale Royalties for Artists on Fast Track

(By Barbara Genco)

The rights of artists and their art estate executors vis-à-vis galleries and auction houses have been much in the news these days. Two recent articles in the New York Observer and its digital publication www.galleristny.com are essential reading:

Recent artist rights legislation just passed in New York State: Click: Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill Protecting Artists’ Rights

More about an exciting initiative which may finally address the issue of arts resale and royalties for their artists-creators: Click: Resale Royalties for Artists Reviewed by U.S. Copyright Office, On Fast Track in Washington

Time spent on the business side of your art career is always time well spent!

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Around Town: October 2012

Late listings are welcomed. November listings published October 25th.

Click here to see online exhibition
Group show includes SCNY members Lisa Argentieri, Patt Baldino, Serena Bates, Judi Betts, Penny Billings, Carol Z. Brody, Linda Gross Brown, Sue Bryan, Janet A. Cook, Laura Fantini, Kathleen Faust, Elaine Gaskell-de Spoelberch, Gaile Snow Gibbs, Barbara S. Groff, Yuka Imata, Chris Ivers, Sylvia G. Jacobson, Anne Johann, Jean T. Kroeber, Loretta Krupinski, Anne Kullaf, Beth Kurtz, Emilie Lee, Jinx Lindenauer, Eve Miller, Carey Boone Nelson, Sherri Paul, Andrea Placer, Claudia Post, Gail Postal, Marie Sheehy-Walker, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Gloria Spevacek, Arlene Steinberg, Angela Stratton, May Rolstad Trien, Sharon Way-Howard

Includes SCNY member Jimmy Wright
Forum Gallery • Group Exhibition • thru Nov 10
730 Fifth Avenue • http://www.forumgallery.com • 10am – 5:30pm
Opening reception: Thursday, October 11th, 5pm – 8PM

2012 Harlem ArtWalk Tour • Sat-Sun, Oct 6-7 (12-6pm)
Janet A. Cook: Alex Adam Gallery • 78 W 120 St (bet 5th/Lenox)
Lynn Lieberman: Casa Frela Gallery • 47 W 119 St (bet 5th/Lenox)
80+ artists, studios, galleries • Mt. Morris Historical District

Exhibition can be viewed online HERE thru December 31st.
Group show includes SCNY members Suzanne Anan, Del-Bouree Bach, Monica Baumann, Penny Billings, Jan Blencowe, Michael Budden, Janet Cook, Oscar R. Dizon, Laura Fantini, Kate Faust, Kathy Ferrell, Jack Garver, Gaile Snow Gibbs, Jay F. Goldstein, Barbara S. Groff, Liz Sullivan-Heywood, Janese Hexon, Don Huber, Carolyn Jundzilo, Geoffrey Leckie, Larry R. Mallory, Alexandra Martin, Joseph McGlynn, Mary McGlynn, Lynn Mehta, Madeline Meryash, Eve Miller, Lennie Muscarella, Andrew Orr, Steven Parton, Rick Perez, Christopher Pierce, Claudia Post, Gail Postal, Elissa Prystauk, Roger Rossi, Donald Rubin, Jean K. Schwartz, Marie Sheehy-Walker, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Dottie Stanley, Angela Stratton, Norma Johansen Struck, Tatyana Teichberg, Lewis Isaac Testa, Elizabeth Torak, Thomas Torak, John Wahlig, Sharon Way-Howard, Sonja Weir, Jacqueline White

Exhibition can be viewed online HERE thru December 31st.
Group show includes SCNY members Liz Adams-Jones, Charles Allmond, Lisa Argentieri, Don Axleroad, David Band, Jeffrey Berman, Penny Billings, Del Bourree Bach, Johann Boteju, Carol Z. Brody, Lisa Budd, Sheila Cappelletti, Devin Cecil-Wishing, Roseanne Cerbo, Janet Cook, Ronnie Cutler, Beth de Loiselle, Gary Erbe, Jack Garver, Jay F. Goldstein, Tom Hedderich, Seth Ruggles Hiler, Julie Hopkins, Jeremy Horseman, Patricia Hutchinson, Christine Ivers, Marshall Jones, Geoffrey Leckie, Emilie Lee, Marge Levine, Arlene Lieberman, Janet Lippmann, Madeline Lovallo, Michael Lyons, John Mansueto, Ian Marion, Alexandra Martin, Maceo Mitchell, Vincent Nardone, Anthony Padavano, Steven Parton, Annie Patt, Rick Perez, Justin Perlman, Robert Pillsbury, Andrea Placer, Gail Postal, Roger Rossi, Jean K. Schwartz, Claudia Seymour, Mary Sheehy-Walker, Rae Smith, Angela Stratton, Tatyana Teichberg, Barbara C. Thompson, Elizabeth Torak, Thomas Torak, May Rolstad Trien, Thomas Valenti, Mitzu Walters, Albert Wasserman, Sharon Way-Howard, Mira Welnowska, Patricia Wynne, Rhoda Yanow

Including works by SCNY members Howard Chandler Christy, Dean Cornwall, Walter Jack Duncan, Harvey Dunn, Charles Dana Gibson, Al Hirschfeld, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Edward Penfield, Joseph Pennell, Howard Pyle, Albert Sterner.

Featuring SCNY member Beth Kurtz

Featuring SCNY members Laura Ellis, Emilie Lee, Leah Lopez, Elizabeth Spencer, Brenda Tribush and Diana Willis

Anthony Almeida • Everglades Landscape 1 • Photograph
Solo Exhibition • Noodle Pudding Restaurant • Brooklyn
38 Henry Street • Thru Nov 11th

Elena Soterakis • Group Show
Jeffrey Leder Gallery • Thru Nov 3rd
21-37 45th Road • Long Island City

Beth Kurtz • Looking Out (Now thru Jan 21)
Art Students League • Arsenal Loan Program
The Arsenal in Central Park • Fifth Ave at 64th Street

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