Nov 28: Fall 2012 Auction Group Dinner

(By Mitch Kahn)

The members of the Auction Group are perhaps the most misunderstood members of the Salmagundi Club.

“You mean the Auction Committee, right?”

No, the Auction Group!

“Well, who or what then is the Auction Group?”

They’re all of us – or to be more specific, the Auction Group consists of an ever changing number of Salmagundi members who chip in to provide funds for prizes at the Spring and Fall auctions. Anyone can be a member.

In addition to funding the SCNY prizes awarded to the auction exhibitions, a portion of the monies collected are used to bid on artwork which the group gives out as raffle and door prizes to its participants. The winners are drawn at the semiannual Auction Group dinners which take place shortly after each auction cycle concludes. Shares in the Auction Group are offered at increments of $65 with each share eligible for one chance at winning a raffle or door prize. Raffle prizes can be won by any participant; door prizes are reserved for those who attend the dinner.

The festivities commence with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the bar, followed by a four-course dinner in the dining room. After dessert, the Group co-chairs present a brief financial statement and conduct the drawings. This fall, five paintings found new homes with five lucky Auction Group members.

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Nov 29: Demystifying the Elections at the Salmagundi Club • Part One

(By Mitch Kahn)

2013 Election Cycle Begins December 7th

In one week the Salmagundi Club’s biennial (every two years) election process begins and for many it remains a virtual mystery. We hope to clear the air once and for all. While the system we use is different from regular public elections, it is quite common among organizations such as ours. It’s called the Nominating Committee system.

What exactly is a Nominating Committee and why do we need one?

For organizations like ours that have a tremendous number of offices and committee seats to fill simultaneously (more than 200 in our case), a simple election risks total chaos and unfilled positions. Our By-laws require very specific qualifications for each office and committee. To insure that a complete set of properly qualified candidates (a slate) is ready in time to be voted on the day of the election in April, we elect a Nominating Committee to do the legwork in advance. This doesn’t prevent other qualified candidates from running – it just guarantees that we don’t have any empty slots on the ballot.

How do we elect this Nominating Committee?

There are three steps. The first two involve picking candidates, six proposed by the Board of Directors and six proposed by the general membership. Third is the ballot.

1. Shortly ahead of the December General Membership meeting, the Board selects six candidates.

2. At the December General Membership meeting, the members pick six more.

This mini-election provides the opportunity for all eligible members to nominate and be nominated – it is as important as the election in April.

3. After the December meeting, a ballot containing the twelve names is mailed to all eligible-to-vote members. The five candidates receiving the highest number of votes are the Nominating Committee with the next two alternates. The individual with the largest number of votes is Chair.

What happens then?

The hard work! Recruiting members to fill all positions as required by the By-laws. In April the Nominating Committee’s slate, along with any other duly nominated candidates, is voted on by the membership. In June, outgoing officers, committee chairs and members are discharged and those newly elected take office.

These events will determine the club’s leadership and direction for the next two years!

Part Two Coming Soon: Filling the positions on the slate.

Around Town: December 2012

Late listings are welcomed. January listings published December 25th.

Includes work by SCNY members Oscar Dizon, Kendra Bidwell Ferreira, Elaine Gaskell de Spoelberch, Konrad Hansalik, Janese Hexon, Larry Mallory, Eve Miller, Angela Stratton, Marie Sheehy-Walker, Dottie Stanley, Thomas Torak, May Rolstad Trien, Sonja Weir, Jackie White 

Includes SCNY member Lynn Lieberman

Group exhibition including SCNY member Elena Soterakis

Beth Kurtz • Looking Out (Now thru Jan 21)
Art Students League • Arsenal Loan Program
The Arsenal in Central Park • Fifth Ave at 64th Street

On the Trail: December 2012

Late listings are welcomed. January listings published December 25th

Including SCNY members Mike Budden and Bob Pillsbury
Gallery WebsiteMike Budden WebsiteBob Pillsbury Website

Includes SCNY members Angela Stratton and Marie Sheehy-Walker

On the Web: December 2012

Late listings are welcomed. January listings published December 25th.

Click Here to see online exhibition
Including SCNY members Del-Bouree Bach, Monica Baumann, Penny Billings, Jan Blencowe, Michael Budden, Janet Cook, Oscar R. Dizon, Laura Fantini, Kate Faust, Kathy Ferrell, Jack Garver, Gaile Snow Gibbs, Jay F. Goldstein, Barbara S. Groff, Liz Sullivan-Heywood, Janese Hexon, Don Huber, Carolyn Jundzilo, Larry R. Mallory, Alexandra Martin, Joseph McGlynn, Mary McGlynn, Lynn Mehta, Madeline Meryash, Eve Miller, Lennie Muscarella, Andrew Orr, Steven Parton, Rick Perez, Christopher Pierce, Claudia Post, Gail Postal, Elissa Prystauk, Roger Rossi, Donald Rubin, Jean K. Schwartz, Marie Sheehy-Walker, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Dottie Stanley, Angela Stratton, Norma Johansen Struck, Tatyana Teichberg, Lewis Isaac Testa, Elizabeth Torak, Thomas Torak, John Wahlig, Sharon Way-Howard, Sonja Weir, Jacqueline White

Exhibition can be viewed online HERE thru December 31st
Group show includes SCNY members Liz Adams-Jones, Charles Allmond, Lisa Argentieri, Don Axleroad, David Band, Jeffrey Berman, Penny Billings, Del Bourree Bach, Johann Boteju, Carol Z. Brody, Lisa Budd, Sheila Cappelletti, Devin Cecil-Wishing, Roseanne Cerbo, Janet Cook, Ronnie Cutler, Beth de Loiselle, Gary Erbe, Jack Garver, Jay F. Goldstein, Tom Hedderich, Seth Ruggles Hiler, Julie Hopkins, Jeremy Horseman, Patricia Hutchinson, Christine Ivers, Marshall Jones, Geoffrey Leckie, Emilie Lee, Marge Levine, Arlene Lieberman, Janet Lippmann, Madeline Lovallo, Michael Lyons, John Mansueto, Ian Marion, Alexandra Martin, Maceo Mitchell, Vincent Nardone, Anthony Padavano, Steven Parton, Annie Patt, Rick Perez, Justin Perlman, Robert Pillsbury, Andrea Placer, Gail Postal, Roger Rossi, Jean K. Schwartz, Claudia Seymour, Mary Sheehy-Walker, Rae Smith, Angela Stratton, Tatyana Teichberg, Barbara C. Thompson, Elizabeth Torak, Thomas Torak, May Rolstad Trien, Thomas Valenti, Mitzu Walters, Albert Wasserman, Sharon Way-Howard, Mira Welnowska, Patricia Wynne, Rhoda Yanow

Click HERE to see online exhibition
Group show includes SCNY members Lisa Argentieri, Patt Baldino, Serena Bates, Judi Betts, Penny Billings, Carol Z. Brody, Linda Gross Brown, Sue Bryan, Janet A. Cook, Laura Fantini, Kathleen Faust, Elaine Gaskell-de Spoelberch, Gaile Snow Gibbs, Barbara S. Groff, Yuka Imata, Chris Ivers, Sylvia G. Jacobson, Anne Johann, Jean T. Kroeber, Loretta Krupinski, Anne Kullaf, Beth Kurtz, Emilie Lee, Jinx Lindenauer, Eve Miller, Carey Boone Nelson, Sherri Paul, Andrea Placer, Claudia Post, Gail Postal, Marie Sheehy-Walker, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Arlene Steinberg, Angela Stratton, May Rolstad Trien, Sharon Way-Howard

Exhibition can be viewed online HERE thru December 31st.
Includes SCNY members Del-Bouree Bach, Thomas Adkins, Al Barker, Cindy Baron, Mike Budden, Don Demers, Cathy Ferrell, Jack Garver, Larry Johnston, Russ Kramer, Loretta Krupinski, Robert Lagasse, James Magner, Barbara Maiser, Jane McGraw-Teubner, Jonathan McPhillips, Kim Muller-Thym, Bob Noreika, Sergio Roffo, Edwin Rudd

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Elizabeth Spencer taking advantage of a warm day to prune the Salmagundi Club garden.

Elizabeth Spencer taking advantage of a warm day to prune the Salmagundi Club garden.

Steve Parton with "Blue Ears • winner of the Newington Award in AAPL's Grand National and Audubon Artist's Beatrice Jackson Award for oils.

Steve Parton with “Blue Ears • winner of the Newington Award in AAPL’s Grand National and Audubon Artist’s Beatrice Jackson Award for oils.

Jean Schwartz (R) and Dr. James Brown (L) with "Storm Clouds Over Morven Park", on exhibit at the Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg Virginia through Dec 31.

Jean Schwartz (R) and Dr. James Brown (L) with “Storm Clouds Over Morven Park”, on exhibit at the Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg Virginia through Dec 31.

John Mansueto • Gallery North Deck the Halls Exhibition

Jim Malloy • Gallery North Deck the Halls Exhibition

Doug Reina • Gallery North Deck the Halls Exhibition

Angela Stratton • Gallery North Deck the Halls Exhibition

Roger Rossi with Geoffrey Leckie at his home in Giudecca, Venice, Italy

Rosie Sandifer (right) during Carmel Workshop

Nov 19: Sneak Peek • 129th Annual Members Exhibition

(By Mitch Kahn)

Thanks to Frankenstorm Sandy, the viewing opportunity for this year’s Annual Members Exhibition has been severely truncated. In addition, two of three major receptions planned for its run had to be cancelled; the opening reception and the Presidents Dinner. Only the awards reception on closing day remains.

To compensate for these unfortunate circumstances, it seemed like a good idea photograph the gallery walls and scan the catalog so all our members and friends can sneak a quick peek at the show. In addition, Chris is trying to assemble a much more detailed online version for the Club website using the digital submission images that were sent in by members. Hopefully these combined efforts will make up for whatever might have been lost due to the storm.

Notes: Photos are in the same order as the catalog, starting at #1 in the upper gallery, followed by the lower gallery and finally sculpture. The catalog pages (3 pages plus the awards page) are in pdf format and can be downloaded/printed out by clicking the following four links:

SCNY Annual Exh Catalog-Awards

Catalog-P1 • Catalog-P2 • Catalog-P3

The images of the gallery walls are best viewed full frame • click the first thumbnail to open and use rollover or keyboard arrows to continue.

Nov 18: SCNY @ Allied Artists of America 99th Annual Exhibition

(By Mitch Kahn)

The awards reception for Allied Artists’ 2012 Annual Exhibition was held at the National Arts Club on its closing date, Sunday, November 18th and that there was a substantial Salmagundi presence both on the walls and in the room came as no surprise. This New York City annual always attracts an impressive array of artists and stellar collection of work.

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Nov 15: Kevin McEvoy @ Converge NYC 2012

(By Mitch Kahn)

CONVERGE, Where Classical & Contemporary Art Collide, a significant group exhibition featuring 47 works by 31 contemporary representational artists and curated by former American Artist Magazine senior editor Allison Malafronte, includes an impressive painting by Salmagundi artist Kevin McEvoy.

McEvoy’s piece, Prisoners, comes out of an ongoing body of work started while volunteering at the Suffolk County, New York, jail in Riverhead, Long Island. A classically trained artist who works in oil, Kevin’s efforts to teach inmates at the prison to draw and paint have already caught the attention of local and national media.

The membership of Salmagundi was well represented at the show’s opening as evidenced by photos taken by Mitch Kahn and Tim Newton. CONVERGE hangs through November 27th at the 25CPW Gallery, located at 25 Central Park West, corner of 62nd Street, on Manhattan’s Upper Westside and can be viewed online. Click HERE for exhibition website.

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Memorium: Thomas Taffe (RA-1992, Emeritus) • Aug 5, 1935-Nov 14, 2012

(By Mitch Kahn)

The Salmagundi Club is sad to announce the loss of Emeritus member, Thomas Taffe. Tom suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday evening, October 30th, his second serious stroke in as many years, and was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center. From Einstein he was transferred to Calvary Hospital where he died peacefully on November 14th, 2012 at 12:25 PM, surrounded by family.

Thomas Taffe was born on August 5th 1935  in the Bronx, New York and remained a proud lifelong resident of the borough. His career as an artist began only upon his retirement from the phone company. He was accepted into the Salmagundi Club as a resident artist in June, 1992 and immediately became an active member, not just as an exhibiting artist, but serving multiple terms on the Art Committee (including Vice-Chairman), the Board of Directors as Vice-President and on the Auction Committee as one of the Club’s most popular and successful auctioneers.

In January, 2011, recognizing his years of service, the Board voted Tom Emeritus.

He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, his and Elizabeth’s children and their grandchildren.

A memorial is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th, from 2:00-4:00 PM at the Salmagundi Club.