On the Trail: November 2012

Late listings are welcomed. December listings published November 25th.

Featuring SCNY members: Amanda Epstein, Jack Garver, Tom Hedderich, Ruth Newquist, Carleton Plummer, Carol Reilley, Sharon Way-Howard

Featuring SCNY member: Sharon Way-Howard

Exhibition can be viewed online HERE thru December 31st.
Includes SCNY members Del-Bouree Bach, Thomas Adkins, Al Barker, Cindy Baron, Mike Budden, Don Demers, Cathy Ferrell, Jack Garver, Larry Johnston, Russ Kramer, Loretta Krupinski, Robert Lagasse, James Magner, Barbara Maiser, Jane McGraw-Teubner, Jonathan McPhillips, Kim Muller-Thym, Bob Noreika, Sergio Roffo, Edwin Rudd

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