Nov 28: Fall 2012 Auction Group Dinner

(By Mitch Kahn)

The members of the Auction Group are perhaps the most misunderstood members of the Salmagundi Club.

“You mean the Auction Committee, right?”

No, the Auction Group!

“Well, who or what then is the Auction Group?”

They’re all of us – or to be more specific, the Auction Group consists of an ever changing number of Salmagundi members who chip in to provide funds for prizes at the Spring and Fall auctions. Anyone can be a member.

In addition to funding the SCNY prizes awarded to the auction exhibitions, a portion of the monies collected are used to bid on artwork which the group gives out as raffle and door prizes to its participants. The winners are drawn at the semiannual Auction Group dinners which take place shortly after each auction cycle concludes. Shares in the Auction Group are offered at increments of $65 with each share eligible for one chance at winning a raffle or door prize. Raffle prizes can be won by any participant; door prizes are reserved for those who attend the dinner.

The festivities commence with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the bar, followed by a four-course dinner in the dining room. After dessert, the Group co-chairs present a brief financial statement and conduct the drawings. This fall, five paintings found new homes with five lucky Auction Group members.

Photos are best viewed full frame. Click on first thumbnail to open and use keyboard or rollover arrows to continue.

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