Dec 3: Sneak Peek • 104th Annual Thumb-Box Exhibition

(By Mitch Kahn)

For the past 103 years the Salmagundi Club has brought to the waiting world its famous Thumb Box Exhibition of exquisite small artworks. This year’s Exhibition, the 104th, opened on December 3, 2012. Here is a quick sneak peek of the gallery walls – in order starting with #1. Sculpture follows.

Detailed view of artwork HERE

2012 Thumb-Box Catalog – PDF file (Click to download)

(click on first thumbnail to open full screen and use keyboard or rollover arrows to navigate)

2 comments on “Dec 3: Sneak Peek • 104th Annual Thumb-Box Exhibition

  1. Julie Otis says:

    Thanks so much, Mitch–I LOVE seeing these sneak previews!!!!!!! It really helps to keep us all up on the doings at the Club, especially for those of us who live a distance away. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next event, wherever that may be! Best, Julie Hopkins

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