Jan 12: Demystifying the Elections • Part Two • Building a Slate

2013 Nominating Committee

(By Mitch Kahn)

In the first part of the SCNY election process, we picked candidates for the Nominating Committee and sent out ballots. Now the ballots have been tallied and the results appear above. In addition to the five members of the committee, Georgette Sinclair and Paul Stockschlaeder have been elected alternates, ready to take their place should any member step down before the work of the committee is complete.

What next?

The Slate of Officers and Committees has room for almost 200 members. It is the job of the Nominating Committee to select, from among the resident membership, qualified members to fill those slots so there is at least one candidate to choose from for every position come the April Election.

Many members have wondered how to get on a committee or the Board. This is the time to raise your hand. Becoming an Officer or Committee Chair might require a particular expertise or prior track record at the club, but finding a place on most committees is not difficult. If you want to become involved, feel free to contact the member of the Nominating Committee you feel most comfortable communicating with or Chris Nunnally. Just click on their name below.

Ed Brennan

Annie Patt

Carole Teller

Griff Seymour

Naomi Campbell

Chris Nunnally


Admissions: Interviews applicants as part of the admissions process.

Art: Juries applicants for Artist membership and exhibition entries and performs the Herculean task of hanging and dismantling almost every SCNY exhibition.

Curators: Caring for the club’s collection, placing art around the house and responding to inquiries about our past members and collection.

Program: Arranging programming, both serious and light, for the membership.

Finance: Managing the investments of the organization.

House: Responsible for managing the employees and overseeing maintenance of the physical plant. The House Committee also acts as the disciplinary arm of the Club in respect to the membership.

Library: Responsible for the library and book collection.

Public Relations: Responsible for promotion of exhibitions and events.

COGAP: SCNY liaison to the U.S. Coast Guard Art Program.

Junior/Scholarship: Manages the special exhibitions and events of our emerging artists program.

More information on every committee can be found in the club’s By-laws, a copy of which may be obtained from club secretary Melba Pagan, and by talking with the current Chair of the committee.



2 comments on “Jan 12: Demystifying the Elections • Part Two • Building a Slate

  1. Claudia Seymour says:

    VERY nicely done. And the links to the members is a terrific idea. Thanks, Mitch,


    Claudia Seymour President, Salmagundi Club http://www.claudiaseymour.com

  2. skip mufalli - salmagundian says:

    very good way to simplify info
    when i lived nearby i helped hang many a show
    i always said – the curator committe was one i would like
    i should buy a place in nyc again
    look forward to spring auctions

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