Apr 2: Sneak Peek • Patron’s Gallery • Antonio Masi • The Creative Spark

SCNY'13-Peek-Masi - 13(Photos by Mitch Kahn)

Antonio’s daring approach to watercolor defies old-fashioned expectations of the thin and airy medium. He applies watercolor in a thick and juicy manner, giving his subjects a startling boldness. His draftsmanship, attention to detail, and unusual perspectives are greatly admired. But, say experts, it is the poetic, moody, and textural qualities of his paintings and the emotions that they evoke that make his artistry so memorable.

Exhibiting for the first time original small paintings (9”x12”), which were the creative spark for his much larger (40” x 60”) award-winning bridge paintings, this show runs through April 14, 2013.

Click on first thumbnail to open full view and use keyboard or rollover arrows to navigate.

One comment on “Apr 2: Sneak Peek • Patron’s Gallery • Antonio Masi • The Creative Spark

  1. so beautiful and elegant. thanks for posting these.

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