Apr 16: Sneak Peek • Patron’s Gallery • Del-Bourree Bach • Calm, Cool … and Collected

SCNY'13-Peek Dell Patrons - 01

Longtime member (having joined as a Scholarship member in 1979), Del’s first solo show in the Patron’s Gallery of the Salmagundi Club includes many new works as well as others that have won national awards over the last several years. On view through May 1st.

Artist’s note:

I want to welcome you to “Calm, Cool…and Collected”, my first solo show here in the Patrons’ Gallery at the Salmagundi Club. I hope you will enjoy looking at my work. Many of the paintings here are my very latest, and a few are pieces that have won awards in national competition over the last several years. The Salmagundi Club has been near and dear to my heart ever since 1979, when I had the honor of becoming a scholarship member. Since that time, I have been active here, as many of you know in many capacities, as board member, Art Committee Chair, juror, auctioneer, and, of course exhibiting artist. Since my wife Kristen and I moved to Mystic, Connecticut, the club has continued to be our home away from home in New York. During this show, I am proud to support the club by donating a portion of all sales to the ongoing gallery restoration project.

For those of you who may be new to me and my work, I call myself a contemporary realist, but I don’t really like to be pigeonholed, as I hope my work continues to evolve. Coming from an illustration background, I learned early on that design, draftsmanship and discipline are as important as talent. I hope my work reflects those things as well as my passion for painting. I am inspired by nature and man’s relationship to it, and although I am perhaps best known for painting the sea and the life in and around it, I never tire of looking for new inspiration everywhere. I am happiest when someone tells me that they find my work peaceful and calming, that they enjoy looking at it with a nice glass of wine. Although my paintings often tell a story, I don’t like to direct it. I’d rather have each viewer put themselves into the picture or create their own narrative.

Again, I hope you enjoy the show. Please visit my website at www.natureartists.com/del-bourree_bach.asp. You’ll find many of these paintings in a special section as well as links to all my galleries and news of upcoming events.


One comment on “Apr 16: Sneak Peek • Patron’s Gallery • Del-Bourree Bach • Calm, Cool … and Collected

  1. mari svensen says:

    Del-Bouree Bach
    Del, what a grand gallery display — all my favorites lined up for viewing… I think all the world should have the honor of seeing MY favorites: The Dory, the Cow on Hillside. I’ve come to know them, and relish in them. Bravo! Wish I could be there! Mari

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