July 12: “Anybody See My Baby?” • Arrival of SCNY’s piano for the next 100 years.

SCNY'14-Baby's Arrival-AA - 31(by Anthony Almeida & Mitch Kahn)

As part of Salmagundi’s ongoing makeover and in anticipation of the club’s upcoming centenary at 47 Fifth Avenue in 2017, Musical Artist member Mitch Kahn felt the new gallery deserved a new soul mate to take over for Montague Glass’s fairly long in the tooth gift of 1918, which has stoically endured more than its fair share of battles during its century at the club.

SCNY'14-Baby's Arrival-MK - 03At exactly 10:15 AM on Saturday, July 12th, and with not a single car parked on the entire block – as if the street itself was anticipating her arrival – the Bates Bros. (piano movers) truck pulled up directly in front of the stoop. Minutes later a second truck arrived, bringing the two extra “sets of hands” needed to escort “Baby” on the red carpet.

A baby only in relationship to her big brother (the 1100 lb. 9′ concert grand), “Baby” is technically called a semi-concert grand – 7’6″ long and a more petite 900 lbs. She is a handmade Shigeru Kawai, ranked by piano experts as one of the top four makes worldwide.

These photos tell only part of the story. Absent is Kawai piano dealer Camille Scheidemann, who worked diligently and enthusiastically behind the scenes to pull all the pieces of this difficult puzzle together, making sure our elegant debutante was properly outfitted and chauffeured to the palace in time for the ball – but that’s a story for another day. For now, just enjoy the pictures.

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5 comments on “July 12: “Anybody See My Baby?” • Arrival of SCNY’s piano for the next 100 years.

  1. As a proud owner of a Kawai Grand, I loved the pictures and story of ‘Baby’s’ delivery to Salmagundi. I hope to visit and hear the music emanating from the keys someday. May you all find great pleasure for at least 100 more years! Best, Margret Short

  2. Garen Tolkin says:

    Gasp! Spectacular! Will the elder, the Grande Dame go into…. where? Library?

    • The 1918 Steinway needs considerable restoration. Assuming someone stepped up to underwrite such a project and we found appropriate space on the second floor, to get it up there we’d probably have to remove a Fifth Ave window and hoist it (I don’t think we could risk that much weight on the 1853 staircase) and that could only happen if the roof, parapet and cornice could handle the load. For lack of another reasonable option, the Board has voted to de-access the piano and we’re currently soliciting offers from rebuilders who buy, restore and resell such instruments. If any member wants to buy it, give Chris a call immediately. We’re actively pursuing a sale.

  3. Robert Silverman says:

    isn”t she grande!

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