July 18: Nocturne Awards Reception and Gallery Piano Dedication

SCNY'14-Baby's Reception-AA - 50(Photos by Anthony Almeida}

SCNY'14-Gift of Mitch Kahn - 1Attracting a good turnout for any event at Salmagundi during the summer off season is a daunting task indeed. When Mitch Kahn approached Chris Nunnally about picking a date for a reception to dedicate the new piano he was donating to the club for the gallery, Chris came up with the only logical suggestion: piggyback the event with the Nocturne Exhibition Awards Reception and Anne Kullaf’s demonstration, already on the calendar for Friday, July 18th and likely to draw a good crowd.

SCNY'14-Baby's Reception-AA - 02The combination of the three events did indeed result in a truly warm, artistic, innovative and vibrant evening, with an excellent turnout to match. Many past and present club officers, members and their guests, including Salmagundi’s first woman president (1983-87), piano enthusiast Ruth Reininghaus, were in attendance. Keeping the music flowing were SCNY regulars Kevin Olson, Michael Pilofian, Bob Trien and Mitch Kahn, plus Raul Santiago, David Winkler and Ted Silver. “Baby” was the belle of the ball.

SCNY'14-Baby's Reception-AA - 10Anthony Almeida’s glorious photographs tell the story better than Hemingway ever could. Click on the first thumbnail to begin and use keyboard or rollover arrows to navigate (swipe on mobile devices).

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