Oct 10-24: Fall Auctions

SCNY'14-Fall Auctions - 17(By Anthony Almeida)

Another auction cycle comes and goes. The 3rd night’s action kicked off with a musical parody written and performed by Del Bouree-Bach (with Mitch Kahn on piano) to the melody of “Some Enchanted Evening”. In Del’s version, we hear “you may see a painting across a crowded room” and the ending line is “once you start bidding, never let it go”. It seemed our buyers took those words to heart.

Click first thumbnail to open full view, use keyboard or rollover arrows to navigate (swipe on mobile devices).

One comment on “Oct 10-24: Fall Auctions

  1. Sy says:

    The magic of making an auction look so vivid takes the usual candid magic of Anthony Almeida. If a true sign of artistry is creative consistency , his photos speak for themselves.


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