Mar 25, 2015: March Monotype Party

SCNY'15-Monotype 03:25 - 12(By Anthony Almeida)

Have you seen the people gather round the turnin’ of the drum … the passion of creation … new life has begun! As the drum turns, and imaginary drums roll–folks gather ‘round the press in anticipation of the monotype’s entrance. The monotype, unaware of the probing and discerning eyes which are cast upon it, and with shuffling and interjectional gait, makes its entrance on the stage— Sometimes amounting to no more than a flash in the pan—other times, “Ahhh! —Would it be?? Could it be!!..more than I had planned; just as I had dreamed!!” … visual gold, of more value than lucre to the devoted artist.

Mar 13-27, 2015: Spring Auctions

SCNY'15-Spring Auction - 18(By Anthony Almeida)

“Diana of the Hunt” drops her bow to welcome weary travelers … driven by an art lovers dream and a bargain seekers determination … like indefatigable pilgrims on the road to Canterbury … lovers of art, members and guests brave all forms of weather on their way to exciting auctions at the Salmagundi Club.

Feb 22, 2015: Oscar Sunday Brunch & Concert

SCNY'15-Oscar Sunday - 19(By Anthony Almeida)

“The Songs That Won the Academy Award”, Concert And Brunch, featuring Mitch Kahn with Linc Milliman on bass, enchanted a full house with a myriad of memorable melodies and songs. This event was an exciting fundraiser to benefit the Capital Campaign to restore our landmark clubhouse.