May 8, 2015: Mitch Kahn’s Soirées at Salmagundi Relaunch

SCNY'15-Soirée 5:8 - 03(By Anthony Almeida)

Following a two year hiatus, Mitch Kahn’s long awaited musical Soirée excitingly opened to a full house on Friday May 8th! Guests were treated to a cross section of musical delights from Mitch’s repertoire as well as guest performances by artists from the audience. Needless to say, the merriment continued and, later in the evening, as if following a pied piper, the crowd migrated to the upper gallery to view the members show and our new piano. Exotic dance gave way to shouts of “olé!” as Beth and Costanza’s dance morphed into a bull fighting experience.

Who can say exactly what will happen at the next Soirée? ….. A few things are certain–the entertainment will be special, the food sublime, and the camaraderie–ahhh, what can I say– ala Salmagundi. Be sure to make early plans and advance reservations to be assured a table on Wednesday, June 17th!!


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