June 14, 2015: Ghost Army of World War II

SCNY'15-Ghost_Army - 40(By Anthony Almeida)

On Sunday, June 14, in recognition and profound appreciation, the Salmagundi Club was honored to welcome members, guests, and most importantly, representatives of the famed “Ghost Army,” of WW II. This very special multifaceted event consisted of an exhibition, book signing, film presentation and panel discussion. It was a memorable and historic tribute to the men of the”Ghost Army”, whose creativity and valor artfully coalesced in the creation of perhaps one of the greatest and most successful reuses ever deployed in warfare…their uncanny ability to create and camouflage inflatable tanks, jeeps, cannons and impersonate large battalions, saved countless lives. Our country will forever honor them; the spirit of their art and accomplishments will be indelibly ingrained in the walls of the Salmagundi Club and in the hearts and minds of those who attended this historic exhibition.

Note: At the June 30th, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting, the surviving members of the “Ghost Army” were voted Honorary Members of the Salmagundi Club.


One comment on “June 14, 2015: Ghost Army of World War II

  1. Shim451@aol.com says:

    There’s a lot of fascinating history and photos in this post.

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