June 17, 2015: June Soirée

SCNY'15-June_Soirée - 18(By Anthony Almeida)

While June 17th marked the end of the season for Mitch Kahn’s soirées, the event certainly did not happen uneventfully.

Mitch, who sang a stirring repertoire of songs, including a medley of WWII hits, to an almost full house, heated up the night and enchanted his audience with his usual, unusual piano expertise, humorous anecdotes and heartfelt song. Birthday celebrations and surprise guests also figured into the evenings festivities.

Although no one wants to see the lazy, hazy days of summer end, one good thing to look forward to is Mitch’s next soirée, slated for mid-September…good song, exceptional fare and uncommon Salmagundi camaraderie. “See you in September!”

(Photo of Anthony Almeida by Marcus Reidenberg).

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