Nov 10th, 2015: Fall Auction Group Dinner

SCNY'15-Fall AG Dinner - 09(by Anthony Almeida)

Salmagundians and invited guests enjoyed a delightful evening of camaraderie, celebration, and the excitement of “taking a chance” at the Fall 2015 Auction Group Dinner. This event, coordinated by outgoing chair, Claudia Seymour and incoming chair, Elizabeth Spencer, celebrated the biannual contributions made by SCNY Auction Group participants,  funding the many awards given for exceptional work at SCNY’s auctions.

Early in the evening Elizabeth presented Claudia with a bouquet of roses to thank her for the support, vision and caring which she has always brought to bear, in making the Auction Group Dinner a success.

Lady Luck ultimately presided; her fickle finger, waving indecisively at first, ultimately smiled upon five excited raffle winners. Needless to say, they were heartened by their good fortune and delighted by the magical journeys which their newly acquired art works might awaken.

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