Mar 22, 2016: Spring Auction Group Dinner

SCNY'16-Auction Group Dinner Spring - 13(By Anthony Almeida)

Touted as “one of the best kept secrets at Salmagundi,” The Salmagundi Club Auction Group Dinner lives up to its reputation! This event, chaired by Elizabeth Spencer, was a wonderful evening of fellowship, fanciful fare and for those who were smiled upon by lady luck and were winners of art work– good fortune.

This time-honored Salmagundi tradition, which helps to raise money for the auction awards, occurs twice a year, Spring and Fall. Those who have already experienced the Auction Dinner, will return as assuredly as the swallows return to Capistrano. For those who did not attend, here’s hoping you’ll join the rest of the flock for the next Auction Dinner in the Fall.

Here are some images of the evening.

Feb 24, 2016: Valentine’s Fundraiser

SCNY'16-Valentines Show - 08(By Anthony Almeida)

“Ode to Valentine’s Day,” a fundraiser for the Salmagundi Club Renovation Fund, proved to be a memorable evening of delight and camaraderie. Mitch Kahn’s stirring repertoire of love songs, joyously beating hearts, and Linc Milliman’s masterful accompaniment on the Bass, made this a Salmagundi event not to be forgotten.