April 2016: Monotypes at SCNY & MOMA

SCNY'16-Monotypes SCNY & MOMA - 08(By Anthony Almeida)

April showered Salmagundians with diverse monotype experiences, which fostered creativity and the inspiration which only comes from viewing works by monotype masters. Our April 12th Monotype Party was followed on April 14th, by a guided tour of “Edgar Degas: A New Strange Beauty” at the Museum of Modern Art.

This event, chaired by Annie Shaver Crandell, allowed viewers to see how Degas handled the Monotype medium. Many of Degas’ beautiful pastels actually started out as monotypes, and were embellished with pastel. Some of his famous oil paintings were later made from his monotype studies.

Below are photos from both events.

One comment on “April 2016: Monotypes at SCNY & MOMA

  1. sy schleimer says:

    Tony, Nice photo shoot, as usual…
    I saw the Degas Monotype show at MOMA which was extensive and fascinating in its depth,breadth and capturing the fascination that he and some contemporaries had with the then newly re-discovered technique that was pioneered by Rembrandt (as described)… I was going to write a mini-review but haven’t gotten around to it since this retro show enabled me to see how Monotype art can be so many different expressions from realism, impressionism in B&W and color and why Degas and other impressionists were like kids in a toy shop in the subtle and dramatic ways they could use working on/from metal plates rather than canvas and how the act of print press compression changes the dimensionality,impact of the final single image.
    Guess I did write a (mini) review after all.. Hope you and the tribe are doing,feeling okay.. Recent temperature ranges remind me of the old joke about Gotham’s weather: If you go away for the weekend, you miss spring in NYC, when you can go from winter to summer. Quien sabe, Kimosabe…

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