Memorium: W. Christopher Singleton (RL-1986) • Aug 30, 1952 – Feb 20, 2013

The Salmagundi Club sadly notes the passing of Chris Singleton on February 20th, 2013. Although extremely ill, Chris made it to the club for last month’s Presidents Dinner on the occasion of his sister Pam receiving the Salmagundi Medal of Honor.

Chris joined SCNY in 1986 and has been a loyal supporter of the club ever since, especially the auctions, frequently bringing outside friends to bid on artwork. Among the artists he collected were Richie Lithgow, Ed Brennan, Al Barker and Louis DeDonato.

More to come.

See: NYTimes

Jan 19: Will Barnet Memorial at the Art Students League

Will Barnet(By Mitch Kahn)

An invited group of family, friends and colleagues, including several prominent Salmagundians, gathered at the Art Students League to honor Will Barnet (H-2003), who passed away this past November 13th at 101 years of age. Speakers included ASL President Ira Goldberg, Ray Kinstler and Will’s eldest son, Peter. A large-screen slideshow of Will’s work as well as candids taken throughout his lifetime was projected in the background.

See: New York Times

See: Washington Post

Dec 8: Tom Taffe Memorial


The family and friends of Thomas Taffe gathered at the club on Saturday, December 8th, 2 PM, to celebrate his life. Just a few photos to memorialize the afternoon.

A toast to Tom and club memories. L-R: Liz Taffe, Del Bach, Bill and Sharon Howard.

A toast to Tom and club memories. L-R: Liz Taffe, Del Bach, Bill and Sharon Howard.

Liz Taffe and Claudia Seymour

Liz Taffe and Claudia Seymour

Del-Bouree Bach regaling us with a few "Tom" stories

Del-Bouree Bach regaling us with a few “Tom” stories

Crowd of family and friends

Crowd of family and friends

Family and friends

Family and friends

Memorium: Thomas Taffe (RA-1992, Emeritus) • Aug 5, 1935-Nov 14, 2012

(By Mitch Kahn)

The Salmagundi Club is sad to announce the loss of Emeritus member, Thomas Taffe. Tom suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday evening, October 30th, his second serious stroke in as many years, and was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center. From Einstein he was transferred to Calvary Hospital where he died peacefully on November 14th, 2012 at 12:25 PM, surrounded by family.

Thomas Taffe was born on August 5th 1935  in the Bronx, New York and remained a proud lifelong resident of the borough. His career as an artist began only upon his retirement from the phone company. He was accepted into the Salmagundi Club as a resident artist in June, 1992 and immediately became an active member, not just as an exhibiting artist, but serving multiple terms on the Art Committee (including Vice-Chairman), the Board of Directors as Vice-President and on the Auction Committee as one of the Club’s most popular and successful auctioneers.

In January, 2011, recognizing his years of service, the Board voted Tom Emeritus.

He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, his and Elizabeth’s children and their grandchildren.

A memorial is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th, from 2:00-4:00 PM at the Salmagundi Club.

Memorium: Malcolm N. MacKenzie, (RA 1971) • Sept 11, 1948 – July 7, 2012

Very late notice was received by the club on October 15th that longtime member Malcolm N. MacKenzie passed away July 7th, 2012.

Malcolm’s tenure at the Salmagundi Club began as a Scholarship applicant in 1971, rising through the ranks to ultimately occupy a seat on the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Art Committee. Stepping down from that position after a number of years, Malcolm continued his participation in the club’s activities as both an exhibiting artist and volunteer staffer on auction nights.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1948, the son of a physician, Malcolm moved to New York City in 1966 to study with Frank Reilly. Reilly was known for his broad knowledge of the basic tools of art and his ability to simplify his composition, making him one of the most sought out teachers on the New York art scene.

Artistically, Malcolm developed his own voice using the fundamental formulas of classical training to interpret New York landscapes and environs in his own way. Looking at Malcolm’s oil paintings, one can immediately identify his work. He painted what few artists would select as a subject: discarded images in one’s local setting, a computer station, a television set, a bottle of whiskey or an unassuming neighborhood bank branch.

Sought out by museum galleries in New York and elsewhere throughout his lifetime and the recipient of many awards, Malcolm was never driven or motivated by the need for recognition. It was always about the art.

A 2010 retrospective exhibit in the Patron’s Gallery provided a detailed look at Malcolm’s body of work.

Those we lost in 2012

November 29th: Margaret M. Martin, (NRA-1983). See The Buffalo NewsBuffalo Rising, Burchfield Penney Art Center

November 14th: Thomas Taffe, (RA-1993, Emeritus). See Memorium in The Salmagundian (Hail & Farewell).

November 13th: Will Barnet, (H-2003). See New York Times, Washington Post, Wikipedia

July 21st: Vivian Bell, longtime guest member; widow of the late Ulrich Bell (RA-1956).

July 10th: Capt. Lester Jay Stone, U.S. Navy, retired, (NRA-1968, Emeritus). See: Hagerstown Magazine,,, YouTube.

July 7th: Malcolm N. MacKenzie, (RA-1971). See Memorium in The Salmagundian (Hail & Farewell).

March  27th: Mary Evelyn (M.E.) Whitehill, (NRA-1983). See: White and Venuto Funeral Home.

March 14th: Katinka P. Coleman, (NRL-1989), wife of Loring W. Coleman (NRA-1941, Emeritus). See:

February 13th: Margaret Cassidy Manship, widow of the late John P. Manship (NRA-1984). See: Gloucester Times, Grondin Funeral Services.

February 6th: Frank E. Zuccarelli, (RA-1968, Emeritus). See: NJ Star Ledger.