The Salmagundian: March-May 1981 • Volume 3, Number 2

Editor: Marguerite W. Sinaly

The Salmagundian: September 1981 • Volume 3, Number 3

Editor: Marguerite W. Sinaly

Highlights: Celebration of the 105th birthday of Alphaeus Cole (RA-1918, Emeritus), longest lived artist in American history (aged 112 years and 136 days when he died in 1988). A longtime resident of the Chelsea Hotel, Alphaeus was a living link between the Club’s earliest members and many who are still active today.

Spotlight: Loring Coleman (NRA-1941, Emeritus), presently the earliest still-living member of the Club.

Memorial to R. Harmer Smith (RA-1951), benefactor of the Club.

The Salmagundian: December 1981 • Volume 3, Number 4

Editor: Marguerite W. Sinaly

Highlights: Knickerbocker Artists Dinner, Curator’s Show, Tuesday Class Exhibition at Chemical Bank.

The Salmagundian: March – May 1982 • Volume 5, Number 1

Highlights: Installation of the new Bulletin Board outside, photos from the 1982 Presidents Dinner honoring the Hon. Whitney North Seymour, memorial to Lumen M. Winter.

The Salmagundian: September 1982 • Volume 5, Number 2

Highlights: Jr. Sch. Reception and Awards (Sherrie McGraw wins Winsor & Newton Material Award), Marc Mellon delivers bronze bust of (then Vice President) George H. W. Bush to Washington D.C., DeDonato wedding at SCNY.

The Salmagundian: September 1983 • Volume 6, Number 1

Highlights: More on Alphaeus Cole (at 107), Ed Brennan watercolor demo at Pen and Brush, COGAP George Gray Plaque received by (then president) Ruth Reininghaus.

The Salmagundian: Dec ’83 – Jan ’84 • Volume 6, Number 2

Highlights: Then president of the NAC, Adriana Zahn with NAC V.P. Aldon James and Steven Leitner, Knickerbocker Artists Awards Dinner, death of Antonio Cirino.