The Salmagundian: December 1987 – February 1988 • Volume 8, Number 3

Highlights: Marc Mellon’s sculpture of Kate Smith, Spotlights on Guy A. Wiggins & Rita Duis, Knickerbocker Artists Dinner, 7-page COGAP spread.

The Salmagundian: June – September 1988 • Volume 8, Number 4

Highlights: Alphaeus Cole (RA-1918) at his 112th birthday, 1988 Presidents Dinner, 1988 AWS Reception. Spotlights on Marc Mellon, Marion Andrews, Ed Brennan, Skip Mufalli & Diana Kan. Memoriam for Paul Schwartz.

The Salmagundian: Spring 1989 • Volume 9, Number 1

Highlights: The passing of Alphaeus P. Cole (RA-1918) on November 24th, 1988, aged 112. He was born July 12th, 1876. Alphaeus was a direct link between the Club’s founders, many of whom were his contemporaries, and veteran members still living today … an extraordinary continuity for an organization as old as ours. Spotlights: Greta Kempton (RA-1974), 1989 Presidents Dinner, Paul D. Ortlip (RA-1960), A. Henry Nordhausen (RA-1927, Emeritus).