May 28, 2016: Fleet Week Visit to the U.S.S. Bataan

SCNY'16-COGAP Fleet Week Bataan - 01(By Anthony Almeida)

Poised and ready, the U.S.S. Bataan welcomes Salmagundians with a VIP tour during Fleet Week 2016, courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard and COGAP.

Here are some photos of encountered ship board moments.

May 11, 2016: Presidents Dinner

SCNY'16-Presidents Dinner - 72(By Anthony Almeida)

This year’s President’s Dinner, honoring A. Jon Prusmack, brought a full house of Salmagundians together for a very special evening of  fun, fare and enchantment.

Jon’s spirited and colorful biographical talk, seemingly springing spontaneously from his recollections–a veritable wellspring of  rich and diverse experiences–allowed us to share the life of a man whose whirlwind journey through time was replete with creativity and accomplishment. All present were delighted by his informative and extremely humorous anecdotes describing his early life, his initial choice of art as a career, his entry into the art world and his meeting and courtship of his wife, Patti.

In 1968 Jon became a scholarship member of the Salmagundi club and soon thereafter became an artist member.

In addition to his love of art and rugby, Jon has been described as a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses in the defense industry, technology, sports, (specifically rugby), and real estate. Needless to say, we were all moved and graced by his presence.

Here at the Salmagundi Club, Jon, a Rugby enthusiast, definitely scored a goal! We will continue to celebrate him as he continues on his adventurous journey.

To further add to the delight of the evening, singers from the a cappella choral group, Thokoza, captivated  all with a diverse repertoire of songs which excitingly combined diverse elements of African traditional songs and elements of African American music

May 4, 2016: Annual Members Exhibition Reception

SCNY'16-Annual Members Show - 15(By Anthony Almeida)

Our gallery once again came to exuberant life at the 2016 Annual Members Show Reception. SCNY members and guests gather to appreciate the diverse work and celebrate award recipients.

April 20, 2016: Library Dinner Honoring Ann Fensterstock

SCNY'16-Library Dinner - 23(By Anthony Almeida)

This year’s Library Dinner, chaired by Barbara Genko, proved to be another “not to be forgotten event!” The dining room, filled to capacity, brought Salmagundians and guests together for a memorable evening of food and camaraderie.

After dinner, attendees adjourned to the main gallery where author Ann Fensterstock gave a highly informative talk on her book, “Art on the Block,” which tracks the New York art world’s migration during the last fifty years.  Books were available for purchase and autograph by the author.

Here are some images of the event.

April 2016: Monotypes at SCNY & MOMA

SCNY'16-Monotypes SCNY & MOMA - 08(By Anthony Almeida)

April showered Salmagundians with diverse monotype experiences, which fostered creativity and the inspiration which only comes from viewing works by monotype masters. Our April 12th Monotype Party was followed on April 14th, by a guided tour of “Edgar Degas: A New Strange Beauty” at the Museum of Modern Art.

This event, chaired by Annie Shaver Crandell, allowed viewers to see how Degas handled the Monotype medium. Many of Degas’ beautiful pastels actually started out as monotypes, and were embellished with pastel. Some of his famous oil paintings were later made from his monotype studies.

Below are photos from both events.

Mar 22, 2016: Spring Auction Group Dinner

SCNY'16-Auction Group Dinner Spring - 13(By Anthony Almeida)

Touted as “one of the best kept secrets at Salmagundi,” The Salmagundi Club Auction Group Dinner lives up to its reputation! This event, chaired by Elizabeth Spencer, was a wonderful evening of fellowship, fanciful fare and for those who were smiled upon by lady luck and were winners of art work– good fortune.

This time-honored Salmagundi tradition, which helps to raise money for the auction awards, occurs twice a year, Spring and Fall. Those who have already experienced the Auction Dinner, will return as assuredly as the swallows return to Capistrano. For those who did not attend, here’s hoping you’ll join the rest of the flock for the next Auction Dinner in the Fall.

Here are some images of the evening.

Feb 24, 2016: Valentine’s Fundraiser

SCNY'16-Valentines Show - 08(By Anthony Almeida)

“Ode to Valentine’s Day,” a fundraiser for the Salmagundi Club Renovation Fund, proved to be a memorable evening of delight and camaraderie. Mitch Kahn’s stirring repertoire of love songs, joyously beating hearts, and Linc Milliman’s masterful accompaniment on the Bass, made this a Salmagundi event not to be forgotten.

Jan 2016: Black & White Exhibition, ARC & Newton Collection in the Patrons Gallery

SCNY'16-B&W,ARC,Patrons - 40(By Anthony Almeida)

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night prevents the Salmagundi Club from maintaining its commitment to excellence and its ability to amaze!


The Black & White Exhibition is on display in the Parlor and Lower Gallery through February 4th.

The Art Renewal Center Salon Exhibition can also be seen through February 4th ($15 admission). Photos include Fred Ross lecture and DaVinci Initiative.

Selections from the Newton Collection were on display in the 2nd floor Patrons Gallery through January 29th.

Jan 18-Feb 4, 2016: International Art Renewal Center Salon Exhibition

IMG_3653(Photos by Tim Newton)

The ARC Salon is a live traveling exhibition that kicked off at the MEAM Museum in Barcelona, Spain, and is currently on view at the Salmagundi Club where it can be seen January 18th through February 4th (admission $15). A plethora of celebratory events will occur throughout the duration. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday from 1-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm (as allowed by scheduled events below).

Schedule of events HERE

ARC website HERE